100 Days Manga : #012 Hot Blooded Girl

"Where are my muscles?!" Kang Hajie, the girl who likes fighting and wants to be the strongest. What if she must end up her life in Han Aram's body, the beautiful girl who always sick? ------------------------------------------- I really like this story so much. This is the first manhwa of Hwang Mi Ree that I've read when I was in junior high school. I really fascinated by her art. I always laugh whenever read the story. The visual of its characters also beautiful. I really adore her work! Well done! Rating: 8.5/10

My favorite character in this manga: KANG TAEHU!!!! YESSS!!! He is so adorable yet handsome OMFG!!! I really like him the first time I saw him (till now!!). Kang Taehu is the leader of Pungu High School. He is so loyal and really a good leader. He always wants to protect the girl she loved. For that reason, he really can't handle if there was a man who bullied a girl. Also, he refused to fight a girl even though the girl itself has been attacked him. To stop himself toward his (good) reflectness, he decided to tie his hands in the fight. HOW GENTLE HE WAS!!!!!!! He is a clever man either. God, can he be more perfect than this?????? *bleeding*

My second favorite : Jung Hanso. Yes I like his wild yet his pyschopath behavior. It drives me crazy and I can tolerate it with his handsome face. LOL He likes to deceive people so much. He is so charismatic (which is my type) lol. He loves Hajie so much to his state "I would rather to destroy it by my own than cannot have it". But he doesn't want to admit it. I love his craziness!!! His insanity!!! So much!!!!

My third favorite: Na Junghyub!!! He is the minor character. He is very loyal to Hanso. At first, I really didn't notice him but it changed when I saw him torturing other people. It's very unique of him. I thought he was the normal one but he is not LOL. He likes torturing people. And it will come very badly.

I don't like Park Sinwu. I don't know he is kinda fake person even sometimes he is so funny. But I think it's not a gentleman. Sorry, Park Sinwu....

So, where is the main character? This is it! The main character is Kang Hajie. She is really likes fighting and wants to be the strongest person in the world. Because the accident, she must be inside Han Aram's body, the type of body she hates the most. She is very innocent girl yet very funny. She is very truthful person and loyal. She also very honest. She likes eating so much and afraids to her mother. She can fight a bunch of men just because of a piece of friend chicken. What a interesting girl!

a weird girl who trying to find her place
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