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Walking in and accepting a job you don't want isn't always that bad. At least thats what I thought going into McDonald's. Behind the scenes is definitely different then what youd see. Being a customer you just wait for food and expect it to be edible. This is just my story........ The first day was interesting to say the least. First thing I saw was an obvious stoner. He seemed ok he was hanging out mostly and every once in awhile going to the grill. My trainer was an older Hispanic woman clearly under more than enough stress. She quickly showed me how to make burritos and said, "fill the box." That's how it is every day here. The first day is basically the same every day. They say do something you do it. It's a waste of time and effort to ask questions or whine. At least thats my philosophy especially with my bosses. Each one is a unique character of their own right. They all liked that about me though. With the organization where I work I'm shocked we stay afloat so well. My first week I had no clock in and had to keep track of time by hand. Each day you see a couple of the same faces getting the same thing but that's it. The night now that's when things really get interesting.

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