Love Live! School Idol Festival UPDATE!!

I am very pleased to inform all of you that Love Live! Sunshine has finally been added to the Mobile App Love Live Sunshine!! so here are a few things they have updated on and I hope you will enjoy this card

They added More to the Members ListSmile, PureCoolThey also added more Characters in the game

New Card!

yup now they have not 3 level ranking cards (R, SR, and UR) now they have 4 introduceing SSR (which I'm guessing Super Super Rare) which they're like UR with their card texture style but they're little easier to get but you'll be lucky if you do.

School Idol Fan Pack

they now have where you can buy fan packs in the game you can read more about it in the game or google it

new songs!omment below what's your favorite song by them!!New Tasks

New Special Practice!

Now instead of waiting to get the same card you have, you don't have to wait any longer. If you have any SR Stickers you could use them for the Sticker Shop or use 1 sticker you have to combine with. So save up your stickers for when you get something good to use then with.

Log in Event!

Now there's a log in event happening starts from October 1st (or your log in time) and it will last for 7 days. Each day you will get 1 love gem but one of the days you will receive a scouting ticket!! So make sure you log in!!

Score Match Event!!

they're having there second Aqours event now and it's a score match and the rewards will have 2 SR Dia and Ruby Kurosawa Ruby Kurosawa will be in the Completed Rewards and Dia Kurosawa is in the Event Ranking Rewards

That is all folks I hope you Enjoy this card! I will be making more of how to set of your teams and how to get love gems for the new updated version Hope you all have a good night and see you all Later!

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