who do you ship me with??

a little bit about me im 4'4 yes i know im really small haha but that does not mean i cant do things haha i have 6 sibiling 3 girls and 3 boys including me 7 of us ^^ i use to be a cutter because of depression and the betrayal that mh ex-boyfriends and friends give me, i have always been abandoned by my family and friends no matter how hard to try to gain their attention, im 17 years old and im a senior graduating this year and i cant wait i work in a studio where i teach others and myself to dance m, im in a dance group called angels of the night or ATH there are 7 of us and im the maknae^^ hehe

i love dancing and i have learnt half of all of BTS EXO BAP infinite and twice songs im still learning more ^^

i love listening to music its a must thing for me ^^

i loveeee reading books and my favorite tyoes of books are fanfiction but cheating angst oneshots are my favorite so if you have anymore comment below or have some good recommend books comment below and tell me ^^

i loveeee little kids they are just sooooo freaking adorable they are things that light up my day little kids always makes me want to have a kid of my own someday i just love kids they have imaginations that we teenagers or adults use to have but we dont anymore and they are free from alot of things we teenagers and adults dont have anymore and also THEY ARE SOOOO FLUFFY LOOOKINGG!!! JUST LOOK AT THEM FLUFFYNESS!!!!^^


I'm a kpop freak, no literally a kpop freak ask me anything related to kpop and I might know ik ik it's useless blah blah blah idc I luv kpop n always will anyways I'm Angela annyong ~ im a fun person once u get to know me yes I think dirty sometimes but wat can we do were human beings not robots hehe anyways yes I'm not Korean Vietnamese or Thai I'm Hmong not many people know about us, but I'm learnin Korean n Thai my fav languages bc I also watch k-drama n Thai-dramas my fav kpop groups r EXO BTS T-ARA and INFINITE TEENTOP + B.A.P so DON'T I repeat DON'T even think about saying things about thm haha anyways yes well tats all I luv South Korea n idk y but yea haha anyways gtg later biii~
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