Of them He chose twelve, whom also He named apostles. Jesus was a friend to everybody. Yet He chose twelve men whom He took into very close companionship. These men made up His personal family. He received from them the blessings of friendship, which all men need in their busy life. The chief reason why He chose the twelve, however, was that He might train them, so that when He was gone they could carry on His work. He still went about speaking the words of life to the multitudes, but He gave the most of His time and thought to those He had chosen. They were to be His witnesses, and must see His life and hear His words, in order that they might be capable witnesses. We should note that Jesus spent the whole night in prayer before choosing his friends. In nothing do we need more to pray than when we are choosing our friends and companions. If there was more prayer for wisdom and guidance in the forming of friendships, there would be less regret and fewer heart–burnings afterwards.

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