Mr. & Mrs. Kim Ch.3

Who: Reader X Kim Jongdae What: Spy AU

Mature content (18+)

Chapter: The Target Story: What's better than spies? Gadgets and hot passionate love? You're life is about to be turned upside down.

Jongdae's POVY/N's POVJongdae's POV

Tried to make this one longer since I'm updating so slowly which I still apologize for. Just to remind everyone, I will be taking a real hiatus for about a week or two once these stories are finished. I will becoming out with another story when I comeback which I guess is a given I guess.... idk....Also a reminder that just because I'm on hiatus doesn't mean I won't still drop one shots. I might not be able to help dropping one or two especially for my P.H.A.T collection I have two on the back burner I've been meaning to release. Anyway thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed and tht it was a long enough chapter to satisfy you all.~BabydollbreTaglist

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