To Live Or To Die? [Ilhoon/ Jackson story]

WARNING; Slight mature content. Genre; Fluff/Angst VampireAU!

"What is it that you long for? Endless nights of dwelling on something that is even a mystery to myself. What is it?" Ilhoon asked, his deep voice resounding throughout the empty room. His medieval suit perfectly matching his blonde hair in the dim lighting of the moon. Jackson looked up at Ilhoon with pursed lips. "I wish to be something I once was. Something you took away from me! I desire to be human! I did not ask for the miserable life of a vampire." Jackson's voice was laced with disgust. "I couldn't let you die during the war. You were my best friend!" Ilhoon shouted. "To hell with that! I would've been set free from this wretched world!" Jackson growled, glaring daggers at Ilhoon. "So you would have preferred to die rather than stay alive forever? Why is this?" Ilhoon raised an eyebrow. "How heavenly that would be! There's nothing to live for! All we do in this life is wake up in the loneliness of the moon, drink blood, and then go to sleep when the sun rises. This life, Ilhoon, is not for everyone it seems." "You can't say you've drank blood until you have tasted human blood. Let's go hunting!" Ilhoon smiled evilly at the thought of drinking human blood, his fangs now clearly showing as he started getting excited. Oh, how wonderful the blood is to taste! "Human blood? Hunting? And giving them the same Faith as you have given me? I'll pass." Jackson stood up. The next moment, a woman's voice reached both of their ears. "Hello?" you called out. Your slow movements and wandering eyes made you strive elegantly around the living room of the seemingly creepy yet beautiful castle. The vampires hear your voice and Jackson's eyes widened. Holding the door handle, Jackson stops as Ilhoon calls out to him, "If you don't drink her blood, then I will." Jackson ignores Ilhoon’s comment, and he walks out the door. Jackson stood in front of you. His presence enough to intimidate you as well as amaze you. His blonde hair nicely combed backwards. He stood a bit taller than yourself and his muscles could be seen through his black and green suit. "Why have you come here?" He spoke, awakening you from your thoughts. "I.. I got lost out in the woods," you responded. "The woods are very dangerous at night, my lady,” Jackson looked longingly at your figure, his seemingly tired eyes looked at your petrified ones. You were speechless and didn't know what to say after his comment. You opened your mouth, but you were cut off by a laugh that sent goosebumps down your spine. You look towards the sound and was met with another man. Although his expression scared you, it made you feel another emotion that you've never felt before. His intense stare made you feel self conscious as he looked you up and down. You started fidgeting, the new emotion getting the best of you. The man's grin grew wider as he noticed his doing on you. He strived over to you and carefully lifted your hand to his red lips. The feeling of his lips on your skin, has you shivering yet it had you wanting more. The clearing of a throat caught your attention and it was as if something woke you up from a trance. You yanked your hand back and blinked a few times. You turned and looked over at the man you had met earlier, his eyes staring intently at the other man. With a shove, the first man stands protectively in front of you. “Ilhoon, I'm going to ask you to leave her alone,” the man said. The man called Ilhoon smiled wickedly, before turning and walking away. But not before words spilled out of those lips of his. Those words were enough to send the feeling of fear through you. “When you taste how good she is, then you'll know what living really is.” ~ You laid in your bed, your feet still aching from running out of that place as abruptly as you did. What did Ilhoon mean by that? He didn't mean… did he? Your face grew red as explicit thoughts came to your mind. You quickly shook your head and pulled the covers over your head. You closed your eyes in hoping to fall asleep, but how can anyone sleep after this night? Not only that, but who can sleep after seeing those two men? Not only were they different— but they were rather good looking. You shook your head once more, feeling dizzy all of a sudden. You closed your eyes once again and prayed to get some sleep. Morning came and you walked into the kitchen, a note on the table next to sweet bread that your mother must have bought. ‘Went out shopping, I'll be back later.’ You ate the bread and walked outside to the pailing sky. Winter was getting closer, and that meant that it was going to get colder. You walked back inside and sat down on the chair. Memories of the night before managed to seep into your brain after trying to be forgotten. You put your ear against the paper thin walls, the coldness going unnoticed. The voices on the other side were muffled, but you could still make out what was being said. “You're daughter is going to die in about a week, the illness became stronger in the time passing. How she's walking remains a question to us all…” The doctor kept talking, but it didn't matter at all anymore. Die? In that moment you felt no emotion, only the need to get out of that suffocating place. And that's what you did. You ran and ran, until you reached that castle. A single tear escaped your eyelids, and you sighed. You stood up and got dressed, a single black dress that complimented your figure rather perfectly. You then draped your father's cape around your shoulders and walked out of the small cottage you once called home. You couldn't bare seeing your parents sad, so there was only one thing you could do. And that was to leave and die somewhere peacefully. You walked down the poor streets where many people smiled, argued, or lost their way both figuratively and realistically speaking. You greeted most, but not all as you walked on. Something caught your attention, and you walked towards the item, slowly inspecting it. While looking at it, two females gossipping peaked your interest. “I saw him last night!” One woman said. “What? Who!?” the other said. “The man that is said to be a vampire!” “What!? Tell me more of this vampire!” “He was a bit short, but he was very muscular. His defined features was enough to send me on a frenzy of feelings!” “Is he an actual vampire?” “No one knows for sure. This man is rarely seen and— Hey!” I looked up at the woman pointing her long slender finger at me. “Stop listening to our conversation and scram!” Startled, I jumped up and ran away. After knowing for sure that I wasn't being followed for some reason, I stopped and hunched over. I grabbed onto something as I suddenly felt sick to my stomach. I felt the sudden chill and lightheadedness as I shut my eyes. After a few minutes of not moving, I stood back up and started walking again. My thoughts drifting just like before. Are they really vampires? Or is it all just a bunch of hearsay and rumors that people like to make up? Either way, you were curious. You were curious to find out whether or not vampires did exist along with finding out if a bite can save your life. Either way, you were ready to do anything to find out the truth.


The next part of the story will be released on Ilhoon's birthday. (Not saying whether it's Korean time or American time. c; ) You get to choose who you want to end up with. In other words, there are two endings to this story. You either live or you die, hehe. Down below are previews of how the ending will be. Choose wisely my lovelies! Comment who you choose!


"It doesn't matter to me whether you're alive or dead. It took me a week to get to know you, along with falling in love with you. My feelings will remain with you for all eternity."

~ His lips found my pale ones as his big hands traveled around my body, trying to seek comfort. I smiled against his lips, as I pulled away from him. I looked into his red orbs, and I couldn't help but feel extremely happy. I don't want to give up on him. Jackson has proven to me everything he can in just a short short time. His hands rested on my hips, as he stared back at me with the same intensive stare he gave me when I first met him. I felt happy being near him no matter what.


"Let me just say this. I hate skinship. I lose control, but I'm not holding back anymore. Are you ready for this moment? I'm confessing my feelings to you. Stop looking at me like that!"

~ He looked longingly at you, his eyes filled with sadness yet hunger. The familiar feeling of when you first met him, came back and like before, you started fidgeting. Ilhoon took slow and deliberate steps towards you. Once in front of you, he brought his cold hands up to your face and slowly leaned in to kiss you. His lips touched yours, and you felt his hands slither down to your neck. He moved your hair that resided in your neck as he slowly trailed down, slowly biting on the skin. You moaned a little at the coldness of his lips. He pulled away and looked at you through red eyes. His tongue escaped his mouth as he took in the sight of you slightly gasping. Only one thought came to his mind, "This is what I want for all eternity."

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