Thank You @Amberg171997

I didn't forget!! Things have been a bit chaotic with the start of the new quarter, but I promise I didn't forget about you guys!!! @Amberg171997, thank you so much for taking the time to vote for me! I can't believe I actually won, and I can't thank you enough for helping me! Please enjoy a little Jungkook (BTS) as a thank you :)


Thank you again :)


Tagging the some seriously amazing people!! @LtheKid8@xoxorittie@twistedpuppy@szewwy@amberg171997@ItsMari@MelissaGarza@JaxomB@SkyBlast@fallchild@VeronicaArtino@CristinReynolds@maddsanzen@ESwee@imiebegay14@destiny1419@sherrysahar@Jaiipanda@SassyMaknae@PrettieeEmm@thatphamily@ChaErica@Defy24601@NicoleFireRose@JuanitaBooRiv@Moose1998@Junhwanbae92 If any of you want to be added to my regular tag list please let me know :) *all credit to owners*

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