Daisies (a Kim Jongin oneshot)

This request was from@Anime4Life and she suggested Kai! Enjoy!

Warning Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk

Daisies (a Kim Jongin oneshot) You arrive at the park and you see a rug laid out with a cooling bag on it. You walk over to the rug, slip your flats off, and sit on the rug. You were nervously shaking, waiting for someone to show up. Sure enough, Jongin was behind you to cover your eyes, which startled you a bit. You didn't expect him to do that to you so you turned around and smiled at him as he sat down next to you. "What's with the food bag? Is this a picnic?" You ask him. "Well yeah! I thought I should plan one for the both of us! What do you think?" He replied. "It's so nice! Thanks Jongin!" You said to him. You open the food bag to find daisies inside. "Aww! Kai! This is so sweet!" You said to him. You blushed and he smiled right behind you. He gave you a back hug and kissed your cheek. "I love you!" He whispered in your ear. "You too Kai!" You replied. "Okay I'm hungry, what in this food bag?" You say as you take out the food in the bag. "OOO kimchi!" You say out of interest. You continue pulling food out of the bag. "Pajeon, glass noodles, octopus" you say to yourself as you continue to pull food out of the bag. You stop yourself as you see a large bottle of red wine with a note on it. It was in Korean text so you couldn't translate it your head. "What's this?" You ask him. He translated the note for you and you blushed. "Well, I'm hungry. Shall we eat?" You asked. "We shall!" He replied. You both ate the food until there was no more left. "Well, I'm full. Why is there wine in here?" You ask him. "So we can try it and enjoy it as much as we want." He replied. You look at him unsure of what might happen next. "What if we get too drunk?" You ask him. "We won't, we'll drink one shot here, and then we'll go back to my place." Kai assured you. "Alright! I can't wait to taste this wine!" You said as you open the bottle. You pour him a shot and he pours you one as well. You both taste the wine and nod in agreement and you both drink the rest quickly. Kai put away the shot glasses, the wine, and the food as well as the rug and you both slipped your shoes on and walked back to his place. You two were holding hands as you lean on his arm and he looks at you and smiles as you both were walking. Once the both of you got back to his place, he set the food bag on the table as you walk towards the couch and you sink into it. He sits down next to you and kisses you. You place your arms on his neck as your lips are deep within his mouth. He creeps up on you and you lay down, as you place your hands on his back and pull his body closer to yours. You then slip your fingers under his shirt, rub his back until he stops and throws his shirt off on the floor. He then resumes kissing you as you resume rubbing his back. You then lightly scratch it as he kisses your neck. He kissed all over until he rose, looked at you in the eyes, and got up. You stood up and went to his room. He followed you and locked his door as he pulled you towards him as you leaned on his door as he placed his hands on the door and kissed you. You unhook your bra and pull it off as well as step out of your sundress. He stopped for a moment, looked down at the floor (or so you thought), and he yanked your panties off and began licking your juices. You cradle his head in your hands as you were enjoying him eating you out. Once you were all dry, he lifted you up, and he laid you down as he undid his pants and pushed them off his legs as well as his briefs. He then kissed your lips again as you pull him closer towards you. You lift the covers over you as you adjust yourself fully on the bed and he rubbed his pelvic bone on yours. He kissed your lips and you kissed back as you pull him closer to you until his dick went inside your hole. Then you really devoured him! You sucked his teeth and rubbed his back as he kissed your lips and rubbed himself on you. You flip him over and bang yourself on his crotch as you kissed his neck endlessly as you were in your zone, you on top of him, him inside you, he touched your chest with his big hands, moving all around your belly, and groping your boobs, squeezing them like plush toys as you fell on his side and you hook your legs on his back and placed your arms on his neck and kiss his lips as he does the same to you in return. Both of you, kissing each other and making love to one another as he was still inside you, it was the ninth cloud for both of you, until you both ran out of breath and you both let go. He slid his dick out of your hole and you both caught your breath. "I love you Kai!" You tell him. "I love you too (r/n)." He replied. He finger combed your hair and stared at you for the longest time.

I hope you all enjoyed it! If you want more, please suggest an idol!

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