Why is BTS doing this to me??!!

Here I am figuring out what is the meaning behind all their mvs, but then their have to show sexiness around me and distract me from finding out the answers from everything. Why bts why must you do this to me. why do it now. I wasn't even ready and i'm not going to be ready on October 10th either, sooo what is up with these pictures !!!! Where are they coming from? Its their fault that i'm chaining my bias in the last minute. Dont blame me for anything on whats going to happen next.

V not today, NOT TODAY!

and Suga where did you come from? huh? your here to steal my heart again aren't you. I see you suga I see you. ohh dont give me that look.

You too rapmonster, i know your going to destroy me soon. Its comming

That work of art.

Jungkook? How did he.... wah........when did you? Alright who is to blame?

No words

I hate but I love you, but i really cant hate you your too sexy to look at. Jimin your sexy, your sexy jimin.

Jin don't ever try to change my bias to become yours, even though its working.

Anyway i had enough, I think my nose is bleeding. I just get ready for October 10th



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