Uncertainty Minho Oneshot

You couldn't believe it! Minho's team won the championships! The stands go crazy, screaming with excitement and pure glee. Mobs of people piled out of the stands onto the soccer field that quickly became a sea of fans and players. Even in the ocean of fans, your eyes were locked on your boyfriend of 3 years. Minho's charming smile consumed his face and you were worried it would split in two because of how huge it was. A sense of pride bubbled up in your chest and you couldn't help but run down into Minho's sweaty but secure embrace. His natural scent of cinnamon and mint mixed with the smell of sweat but you didn't mind one bit. "You did it! You did it!" Screaming with happiness, you had launched your self into his arms. Your arms were fastened tightly around his neck while your legs were wrapped around his waist. From far away it would look like a monkey was attached to the poor boy but you were way too excited! Minho's chest rumbled in laughter at your silliness and he wrapped you in his arms to secure you in place. The velvety laugh caused goosebumps to rise onto your skin and a pleasant chill down your spine. Even after hearing the same laughter for the past 3 years it still makes your heart beat fast like it did at the very start of your relationship. "We won!" Minho shouted as he sat you back onto the field turf. His dark chocolate colored eyes were bright with a certain twinkle in them that was foreign to you, hidden underneath his black bangs that stuck to his forehead. The way those irisies glistened was somehow different then what you were used to. Something told you the smile on his face wasn't just because his team won the championships but something else. What that was however was unknown to you. "Congrats Minho!" Key congratulated, his hand coming down on Minho's shoulders from behind. "Key! I'm so glad you made it to the game!" You exclaimed, surprise was evident in your voice. "I thought you were busy with work." A smirk arose his lips. "I wouldn't miss this moment for the world. You need me for this." Key replied cryptically. You felt like you were missing something. A conversation seemed to be going on infront of you between Minho and Key but you were left out of the loop. Key's lips brought themselves up to Minho's ear and whispered something you couldn't hear.  Sadly for your curiosity, no matter how hard you strained your ears you just didn't know what words they were exchanging. Due to your ever growing curiosity in the secret between the two, you failed to notice Key's hand slyly slipping something into Minho's back pocket of his soccer shorts. The only snippets of the conversation you heard were only a few words such as "tonight", "ring", and "You're welcome" before Key stepped away. With a smirk still prevalent on his lips, your diva of a bestfriend patted Minho on the back. "Remeber to invite me to the reception."  And then he was gone. "Key is more confusing than Onew's lame jokes." You thought watching as the diva strutted his way off the soccer field, his body complety disappearing in the crowd of people. Minho turned back to you and you cocked an eyebrow in confusion. "Key is just being Key. Don't worry too much about it." He assured, his hands now cupping your face to leave a gentle peck. "Come on. It's time to celebrate!" It was currently late at night but the celebration was still in full swing. People were laughing and living it up as they enjoyed the bash that was thrown to celebrate Minho's soccer team winning the championships. After the game everyone decided to head over to Club SM to have some fun. Drinks were served and now everyone was cutting loose. Minho and you were wrapped in each others arms dancing until you found yourself getting a little too heated because of the stuffiness of the club. To get some air to cool down you parted from him to step outside. Minho told you he had to the restroom anyways so the two of you split ways, but not before he pulled you into a searing hot kiss that made your head spin. It put you in such a daze and he knew it too but him being the tease he always is, he just left right after. You couldn't get mad at him for that because you were the one who wanted to go outside for a minute. God he was such a tease just like always. "Jerk." You mumbled but a small smile appeared on your lips. The cool air was quite refreshing and the scent of the night cleared out your lungs. Darkness had fallen on the earth and only the sound of thumping trap music and cars rolling past the club were heard. Your eyes were having a hard time adjusting to the dark and you could only make out blobs through the pitch black night. The quiet made you think for a little. Its been 3 years since you and Minho got together but you still asked the question of why. Why did Minho fall for you of all people? Why did he want the girl who was a trainwreck of clumsiness? The girl who came into the classroom with knotted hair, wide eyes, with rain soaking her clothes to the core. Good thing their school uniforms weren't white or your whole chest would have been put on display that day. You had woken up late and in a rush to get to school, you had forgotten your umbrella so you had to run all the way to school in freezing cold rain. Snott had to be running out of your nose because you had gotten very sick the next day so you probably looked disgusting. While everyone was laughing at you, Minho looked at you with a curious expression. He was the one who caught you in his arms when you fainted on the soccer field. He was the one who sat by your side waiting for you to wake up in the nurses office and you never understood why he stayed. He could have just moved on with his life after that day and ignored you like the rest of the school did, but he didn't. Afterwards you had found yourself drawn to him like a moth to a flame and then the rest was history. Now its been 3 years since Minho asked you to be his but you just never understood out of everyone he could have chosen from, he chose you. No matter how much you loved him your insecurities would come to haunt you, telling you to let go of him because he deserved better. Minho deserved a girl who was gorgeous, smart, can cook and basically everything you weren't. The last time you tried to cook you almost burnt down the kitchen. You will never forget the day Minho laughed controllably and while gasping out that they should stick with take out Chinese food. Oh the embarrassment was way too much! Even to this day you smack yourself for tossing that towel without checking where it landed. Damn you that stupid frying pan! "__" Minho called, warmth erupted through your spine as he wrapped his arm around your waist securely from behind. His giant frame consumed your small body and you sunk down into the warmth of his chest. His hot breath tickled your left ear and goosebumps arose over your entire body. Kisses were slowly place up and down your neck softly and a small moan escaped your lips from the fantastic feeling he was leaving within you. Words could not explain the love you had for Minho and you knew that he was the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Did you love Minho? Yes, very much so. Did you see him in your future? Yes but you didn't know if it was the same way for him. Of course the both of you had already exchanged I love you's but the uncertainty killed you. After such a long relationship would you finally reach the next stage? Would the one you joined at the altar be Minho? Would he be the father of your future children? Did he even want to marry you? The fear of Minho just walking out of your life forever petrified you to the very core. One thing is for certain and that is you couldn't live without him. "Minho" Whispering out you gently lay your hands ontop of his that were rested lightly on your waist. Taking in a long and deep breath you came clean with everything you were feeling. "Why haven't you asked me to marry you?" You asked but were met with silence in return. Minho's body had gone ridged and his breathing was caught inside his chest. The air suddenly came down with such tension that made you want to run and hide under a rock forever. "There you go! Now you've done it! He now thinks that you want to rush and you're that obsessive and clingy girlfriend who demands a ring on her finger! Good job because you have now ruined your relationship. Might as well start preparing your heart for a shattering heartbreak and plan your escape route." Your mind was going 80 miles an hour and with each increasing minute of complete silence, tears burned the back of your eyeballs. The heartbreak was too much and you tried to break out of his arms before he saw you burst into tears. Suddenly you were turned around and your wet eyes met his chocolate brown ones. What felt like eternity, but was probably only a few seconds, the two of you sat in silence. No more than a few seconds later, he lightly kissed your forehead tenderly. Minho pulled away from you but not without wiping away the lone tear that made its way down your cheek. "__" He whispered gently. Wordlessly you looked down, trying to brace yourself. "Do you know why I fell for you?" Shock was evident in your eyes and your head whipped up straining your neck slightly. You were expecting something along the lines of "We aren't going to work out after all." or a "I don't see us going anywhere." so you were startled. The silence told Minho to continue and so he did. "I fell for you because you were the girl who came into my life and turned it completely upside down. The clumsy and adorable girl who showed me that there was more to life than to please my father who never truly gave a damn about me. You were the one who showed me that life was more than trying to meet expectations of others. I never knew that I wasn't truly living until you opened my eyes. __ I love you more than anything and I want you to get that through your head. What I said those years ago about never letting you go when you tried to stay away from me because your mother didn't approve still is the god to honest truth even at this very day." Minho spoke with such honesty, with such passion, with certainty that you unleashed the bucket of tears from your eyes. Rivers flew down your cheeks and your heart raced because his words were just too much. You wrapped your arms around his neck and buried your head into his neck.

Wails of happiness and relief tainted the quiet night. "__" Minho whispered, pulling away from you gently. His hands were rested gently onto your shoulders. Tears blocked your vision slightly but you could still see Minho staring at you will a look of determination. "__, you were the one I chose to spend these past years with and I want to be the one who will consume your time in the future. I want to be the one to wake up next to you and I want to be the one who holds your hands forever as we look over our children." Kneeling down on one knee he pulled out a black velvet box that Key had ever so slightly planted inside Minho's pocket. "__, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife? The one I will cherish until my very last breath?" "See I told you I wouldn't miss this moment for the world!" Key exclaimed, making his way outside with the rest of SHINee hot on his trails. The glare Minho gave him would have the diva 6 foot under if looks could kill at the moment. "Great way to ruin the moment." Minho growled underneath his breath. With a heart that nearly burst out of your chest you gave him the 3 letter word you have been dying to say. "Yes." Not sure if he heard you correctly, Minho stared into your eyes with his wide with shock. "Yes, I will marry you." Squealing you jumped into his arms and hugged him so closely you were worried you would crush him. Which is an absurd thought because you didn't even weigh half of what Minho did, neither did you have the strength as him as well. "I can't wait to be an uncle!" Key exclaimed, only to be hit on the back of the head by Onew. Great job of ruin the moment Key, great job.

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