Tae FF - Wings pt1

Part 1/4 Based on the Wings short video This is just a little short story I thought I'd made. Sorry but I won't be tagging for this story it's not long enough for tagging to be worth while. Hope you guys understand and enjoy...

He'd done it. He'd saved his sister and his girlfriend but it came at a cost. The blood was dripping around his fingertips and the tears were sinking into his cheeks. A last resort. The last resort happened. He killed the man that caused the two most important people in his life so much pain. The guy beat up and forced both of the girls to do exactly what he wanted. He'd just tried to phone his hyung but there was no response so he decided to call the only other person he felt that he could call. Y/N. "B-babe?" "Taehyung!" She sounded as desperate as he did, "oh my god, I thought I'd never hear your voice ever again." "Look babe... I actually k- you know my sister's boyfr-" "Jaeyong?" "Yeah yeah. I ur.." His voice wouldn't stop quivering as he tried to tell the news to her. "I killed him Y/N" The line went quiet as she tried to take in what he had just said. "I stabbed him with a bottle and now he's lying on the floor behind me." "Be-behind you?" "I'm a murderer, I can't stand to look at his body. It makes me sick" She could only imagine the horror he was going through and practically shouted the only words that came to her head. "Leave it and run!" "What?" "I said, leave the body and run." "Run? Where?" "Mine." Her voice turned small, "please" He did. He ran as fast as possibly imaginable. He ran down her pathway and slammed his fist pretty damn hard into her door. In a swift movement, she opened the door, yanked him in and pinned him against the door. "Jagi-" She interrupted him as her lips pressed against his. Both of their tears mixed together as they kissed like it was their last time ever together. "Tae." She sighed out his name. It wasn't that he was easily turned on by her, well not in this instance, but he needed some distraction from the events and she was by far the best. "Jagi, I did a bad thing" he sounded like a five year old when he spoke like that. Helpless, utterly lost and helpless.

~End of Part One~

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