BTS Hyung Line or Maknae Line?

We all have our preference on who we like and don't like. Most us choose the the Maknae Line then the Hyun Line. Then there is those same who don't care and love them all equally.

I have and still do, love every single one of these boys. Lately I have found that I like the Hyung Line more then the Maknae Line.

The reason why is because one I'm close to their age. Jin Yoongi and I are the same age. Hobi and I are a year and a day apart in age. not just get but I feel as if the things we like would be similar. Namjoon is a year younger then me in age. I also feel as if they are my long lost brothers.


Jin is for one my ideal older brother. Someone who would take me out to eat and teach me how to cook. Not only food but we would share everything. Plus Jin would be able to take care of me without me asking him to.

Yoongi would be some one who I would ask about music and show me more about music. I was terrible in music to were I hated learning about it. I can also see Yoongi and I taking photos and traveling. Plus his personality is similar to mine.


Hobi whom I consider my brother who was born a day after my birthday. When he celebrate his birthday this year I was more happy to celebrate with him then I did by myself. When I am down this man knows it some how and shows me the contagious smile of his. He is my sunshine and I have to say he is officially my bias in BTS. What I also see that we would have common would be that we both love to dance. I'm sure he would be happy to teach me.


Namjoon and I need to invest in bubble wrap. I am just as accident prone as he is. (I have a small fracture on my right ankle. What is fun is that I got it from walking. I also break things that I touch or they disappear. Not only that but I have a feeling that Namjoon and I would talk about books upon books. I have so many books that I was told that I could no longer buy any more lol.


Each one of the Hyung Line and I are similar in many ways. The Maknae Line I love them to death as well but they just have to much energy that I can handle. They are all unique and that's what I love about them.

I live in a small town where kpop is not existed. While I listen to kpop or watch Kdramas I am either writing, drawing, or reading. I have a habit of listening to kpop while reading. Favorite groups B2st, BTS, BigBang, etc. lol
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