How kpop idols get skinny legs

I stumbled upon this video where they talked about how idols get skinny legs. Apparently, many idols undergo a noninvasive treatment known as the Carboxy treatment. Basically what happens is a needle gets injected into the skin and carbon dioxide is injected, which causes red blood cells to quickly repair the area where the carbon dioxide is injected and as a result fat is dissolved in that area. It's supposed to help with stretch marks and dark circles as well.

I'm sure that there are idols with naturally thin legs (*cough* Min Yoongi *cough*), but I really don't think that these idols need to be undergoing such treatments since they're already really skinny. Personally, I prefer having thicker legs (Give me Hwasa's legs lol) but I wouldn't mind doing this treatment to get rid of the stretch marks on my thighs...

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