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The average daily drizzle never seemed to stop outside of your work place. The pitter patter of rain drops on the Cold concrete only seemed to make the place more depressing than it already was. But you needed a job, someones got to pay the bills after all. Your feet grew tired from walking around delivering the bland dishes of cheap box food to the patients. And your back had been aching for hours on end from bending over having to make the beds. Almost everyone had went out to the main court for fresh air. Even though it was drizzling anything beat having to inhale the snitch of old blankets and growing mold. "Y/N" your friend Jihyo had called as her footsteps grew near "What are you doing?" "....I'm at work...I'm doing my job" No matter how sarcastic or mean you'd be to her nothing ever seemed to kill her bubbly personality. It was one of the things that you liked most about her, and it's one of the things at made working here not so bad. "No I mean what are you doing in here.....everyones outside, you should go too" "Thanks for offering but I'm okay--" "But Y/N ...aren't you even in the slightest bit curious" "Actually I am, what are you still doing here don't you have a job to---" "No Y/N" Jihyo whined you know exactly what I'm talking about "Are you talking about the new patient again....Jihyo. I don't get why everyones making such a big deal about him, we get new people all the time--" "But he's different most people hear are level 2's or 3's.....this guy is a full blown level 5, you know they found three dead women in his house and you know that's not even the worse part I heard he--Oh you know what come on or we'll be late!!"

Jihyo was a bit to excited for the topic. She grabbed and pulled me toward the main extrance. I had to admit that I was abit curious though, after all level fives were a rarity at  Havridge a Institution for the criminally insane. Most people of higher levels get sent to camps of different sorts, but in a way I guess they could be considered lucky. The entrance was loaded with guards, to keep everything under control. Patients loitered the yard  in mass amounts. But things seemed quite calm in comparison because outside these wired fences. There are tons of people of protest about this guy even being here. They wanted him dead. I was just about to return to MacKenzie Hall when a cheer of my name hit my ears. "Y/N!!! Y/N!!!" Jihyo frantically said tapping on my shoulder "I think that's him" I followed Jihyo fingers to see a van pulling into the lot, almost immediately as the doors had opened two guards had grabbed the man by his arms and began to drag him towards Havridge. His stature was tall and lean. I had to admit he was younger than I thought he'd be and his appearance was quite clean and everything seemed normal except for that damned smirk he kept on his face. Something about him seemed to keep me up on nerve but I'm not sure why. It's not like I haven't dealt with patients before, he's just another one into the mix, no big deal. The man drew near and began to climb the stone steps arroaching me and Jihyo, before turn his head to look at us enabling us to capture his features in full detail. To say he was attractive would be the least I could say to describe him. As his steps finally past the scent of vanilla dragged behind him.

"Sweet....and he's cute too" Jihyo cheered before nudging me. "JIHYO!!!" I couldn't help but blush, but how could someone be attracted to someone like him. I mean like he killed three people. And that's just the ones they found. Who knows what other things he's done.  "Alright everyone back inside" Ms.Calpin, the warden called shooing us away. She wasn't how you'd say the youngest person ever but she most certainly wasn't in here 40s......hell 50's even. But even with her age she was efficient at getting things done, and she was smart too. I guess all those years accounted for something afterall. Her dimming blonde hair and piercing eyes knew nothing but buisness She wasn't the most pleasant of people but she kept order, so I guess she wasn't too bad.

I had finally made it back into the building and checked the time....shit it's time for lunch. I don't really mind lunch , it just that I have to patrol the cafe along with some other guards. And nothing really happened there besides a couple of patientes playing cards or chess. Or well them just eating their lunch... Things were pretty much the same every day. I stood in my usual spot and chatted abit with my friend Jihyo before she got called to go and supervise a couple of patients down in Block-B. About a half an hour into lunch the main doors flow open to veil the new inmate being carried in by a couple of guards. He had shackles and both his hands and feet to restrain him. And keep him Undercontrol. The same as earlier he still carried that damn smirk on his face. As if he found it amusing to be here. I guess it would be quite interesting if you were new and basically running the place already. Everyone started in his direction dumbfounded before a loud chatter took over the cafe. He didn't pay to much attention to them though. He took his place at an empty table on the far side of the room. Nothing to do, not even a tray of food in front of him. He just sat and stared at the walls. I guess he needed time to clear his head. If I were free on day and then the next thrown into a place like this I think I'd need a moment too.

I tried to divert my attention to elsewhere but I could help but to wonder about the new guy and his crimes.I should be terrified of him if anything, but I couldn't help but find myself drawn to him. Ms.Calpin blew her obnoxious whistle interrupting my train of thought and cleared, the cafe. After everyone had exited the room she unfortunately made her way towards me. She didn't look to happy but then again....when did she ever. "Y/N" She called me I nodded and made my way towards her. "Y/N you've been doing a great job, and I surprised you haven't quite already. But I've been thinking I want you to take more responsibility for the patients here. You seem to get along with them and understand them better than most. I might have you aid them a bit more. Well if you comfortable with that." "Oh yes yes, that would be okay" I said stuttering. Damn I thought she was going to fire me or something, not that I had done anything wrong that I could think of...but something about her is just abit intimidating. "Well starting tomorrow get acquainted with the nurse. Since you both be working more closely now" "Will do mam" I dared to ask her the question the had been on my mind for hours on end. "Umm.....about the new guy-" she cut me off "Yes he will be a fine subject to introduce here" she must've been in a rush because she began to walk away. "But, Ms.Caplin ....his name?" I called after her The clicking of her heels stopped and she turned half way to say.. "Jiyong.....Kwon Jiyong"


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