50 Shades of Chen and Leo

So@Princess2425 said that her writers block broke that she's gonna update. I wrote back Yay!! I should write a fanfic of Chen, but don't know what about. Then thats how 50 shades of Chen and Leo came up. So we wanted your thoughts. Should we do a 50 shades of Chen and a 50 shades of Leo or nah. Please let us know if you want this to happen. It will probably happen when we get done with the previous stories we are writing. https://twitter.com/klipkajarvia?s=09 JKONICS:@kpopaddict16@MaritessSison@MomoChamie@RandomName @sarahdarwish@Animezkpopgirl @Jaysbae13@SuniWilcox@HurdKpop@MayraYanez@conversehigh@AmberRelynn @SindyHernandez@AvisSpirit@CLAKPOP@AngelaDarkness@Eliortiz13@MeghanJorgina My Ex's & O's:@Kpossible4250@Rina143 @SuniWilcox Starnights:@Kpossible4250@KAddict@Princess2425@OliviaEdwards Triple F:@JenniCinneman@twistedPuppy

Hi guys my name is Jarvia. I'm shy but also I'm outgoing once I warm up to pplz. I love writing, reading, music, and tattoos.
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