Words of Love

As strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts. The assurance of the heavenly home awaiting us should make us want to live worthily in this world. There are things we should promptly put out of our lives if we are pilgrims on our way to our promised land. We should cleanse our lives of all hypocrisies, all that is not sincere and true. Envies are not fit feelings for a Christian to cherish on his way to heaven, for he cannot take them through the gate. “Evil speaking” is also set down among the things that we should put out of our lives. There is a good deal of evil speaking among people who want to pass as followers of Christ. One hears it in almost every circle – criticism of absent ones, uncharitable words about them, sometimes bits of gossip that are not beautiful. We ought to train ourselves to do here the things we shall continue to do when we get home. It is certain that there will be no evil speaking there. We would better let this kind of speech drop altogether out of our lives, and speak only words of love.

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