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So this is going to be a series of cards on what my sister @BrennaTran and I realized after watching the most recent wings video Awake. There is so much information to this that we are going to have to make 5 or 6 cards in order to hit everything.

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As well as if you have any questions or see any holes in our theory please let us know we’d love to try to answer them in future cards.

One of the biggest debates is what is the order of the videos from the HYYH era. The order that we have come up with is Prologue, I Need U, and Run. We’ll also touch on some other videos in later cards but for now we’re focusing on the big 3.

Due to how much information each of these videos gives we’re going to put them all in their own card.


**As a side note my sister and I have started reading Demian. Yeah we enjoy figuring out the theory that much….anyway reading the book may cause some changes to our theory.


First we see V fall backwards into the water. This is because he is the personality that has caused the most pain and the pain is overflowing to his personality.

The next scene of note is where V spray paints an X on Jin. This is the personalities rebelling against the original. Jimin would want to keep the pain from spreading, which would happen if Jin takes over. This is the first case where we see Rap Monster and V together. We think this is the idea of a child throwing a temper tantrum or acting out because V is anger and Rap Monster is innocence.

We next find V and Rap Monster hanging out. V is showing his bravery and Rap Monster would be trying to be brave because that is what the heart wants. As well as they’re acting like children throwing a temper tantrum.

The house of cards could represent Jin building a tower of all of his realizations trying to find an answer to what he needs to do. All of the personalities are watching and waiting to see what happens. V knocks down the house trying to keep Jin from taking over. After this Jin looks up and looks confused like he knows something isn’t right.


We start seeing clips of V drowning in the water. This has two meaning. He is the one who has caused the most pain so the pain is overflowing and affecting him. As well as he seems to be on a rebellion temper tantrum spree which could also be why his personality is drowning.

I wanted to take note of the continued concerned look of Jin. He’s starting to wake up and is noticing what he will have to face when he takes back control.

Running. Obviously going to be important. I’m only going to touch on it once though.

Throughout the video there are different scenes of the boys running. We think there are two reasons for the running. Sometimes they’re running from the consequences of their actions and sometimes running from Jin. The personalities are trying to outrun Jin so that he won’t wake up and take over.

The next scene is the arrest scene. We have already taken note that this is a sort of temper tantrum being thrown by V(anger) and Rap Monster(innocence). What we see is a loss of innocence and for a moment what looks like a look of guilt of V’s face like he just realized that he has made things worse.

Something to note: We do think that they are actually being arrested, or Jin is being arrested because he is the real one.

Here we find JHope in the hospital or in a hospital type situation. We believe that after getting arrested Jin was found mentally unstable and placed in the hospital. Not to mention the pills that JHope took in I Need U which would add to this claim of being unstable. At this point JHope takes over because he would be excited for attention in any form. We start seeing JHope and Jimin together a lot and our best guess is that JHope finds pain in being diagnosed as mentally unstable even though he may not be but he has equated attention with pain and so is excited when pain is around.

Next follows a pillow fight. Overall the pillow fight isn’t very important. I could probably dig deeper into it but I won’t. The important thing is the feathers. As many of you know feathers start appearing more often in their videos and pictures. We believe that feathers represent the release of the personalities because a release from the chaos may also feel good. Not necessarily that the personalities are gone but that feathers will lead to the release of their personalities or the personalities leaving. This is only a guess though.

Something to note is that we have already mentioned that we believe the bird is connected to Demian, who is supposed to help Sinclair gain his mind back, and these are feathers.

Rap Monster later picks up a card amongst the feathers that has a butterfly on it. At this point we assume that Eva has left. This most likely represents the heart looking for Eva because she represents a calm that the personalities can’t reach on their own. Also Rap Monster finds the card in a pile of feathers and Eva is supposed to send Demian to Sinclair.


On to the infamous fight scene between Suga and Jungkook. What we see here is Suga’s character is completely on edge. The depression has been growing and he doesn’t know what to do and starts acting out. Jungkook is the all knowing character and sees that something is wrong and knows that odds are that this will lead somewhere bad and acts out of survival. The unfortunate part is Suga wins the fight. The depression has become too strong to calm down. Suga breaks the nearby mirror which represents him and the depression causing damage to the soul. At the same time we see the second house of cards fall. Jin again looks confused and sad. He most likely is starting to understand what is happening and doesn’t understand what he needs to do.

Thus we come to the part that we think is most important part. The start of Demian. After Jungkook loses the fight with Suga his demeanor changes and he doesn’t look neutral anymore. Based on the Wing videos we think Jungkook is Demian though he hasn’t been Demian the whole time because Eva sends Demian. We see him look at the mirror and it’s like he thinks he can make a difference. As well as he may be trying to convey to the heart and Jin that he’s here to help.

So the next thing we have are some scenes that are worth mentioning but not overly important. We’re thinking of the photo booth scene as the personalities fighting for dominance. Right now the personalities are in such chaos that each one would want to be in charge.

Next we see JHope in the hospital which would represent reality and he falls backward and is in a field. This would be JHope pretending he’s somewhere else. Somewhere happier. While in this field we see Jin. He looks confused and worried. He’s trying to wake up but still collecting the information he needs and is most likely worried about what he has to face in the future.


So next we have the tunnel scene with the vandalization of the cars. Now remember cars represent Jin’s realizations and him waking up. The first thing we see is Jungkook and he doesn’t look happy. This is because we are assuming that he is Demian at this point and Demian doesn’t agree with what’s about to happen. We then see the personalities attacking the cars. Their attempt at putting Jin back to sleep and keep him from taking over. Something to note we never see Jin, Jungkook or Rap Monster attack the vehicles.

Jin obviously would not want his realizations to go away. Demian is there to help Sinclair wake up and Rap Monster is the heart, he will most likely mostly side with the real personality.


Next we have Jimin being dunked in the bathtub by all of the personalities including Jin. This shows that all of the personalities are the cause of the pain and suffering. They’re causing the protector to drown in pain.

Finally the ending scenes. We see the six personalities walking down the road with their backs to a car. Slowly JungKook turns around and winks at the car. The car is a realization and this combined with the wink from Jungkook is most likely Jin realizing Demian is there. Jin is no longer alone in fighting this battle.

Directly after V emerges from the water. This most likely has to do with the realization that Jin just had. V no longer has to drown in the pain because Jin has to take it on. This is the first step to Jin taking his mind back.

Oh the infamous secret scene. All of you know how it shows the boys on the beach but then in the picture Jin is gone. That is because you could think of this as a picture of his mind and only the personalities are being shown because Jin is real. Then we see Jimin burn the picture. There are several meanings to it. First and easiest is that the personalities need to be destroyed Jin needs to take his mind back. Second fire represents Suga and depression. The depression from all of the pain is spreading and taking over. We think it’s important that Jimin is the one burning the picture because someone can only take so much pain and abuse before fighting back. If Jin wakes up then Jimin is released from the pain but at the moment he is still in the bathtub representing that the pain isn’t gone yet.

This is all just our opinion and what my sister and I gathered from watching the videos. We do not own any of these pictures nor claim to. We hope to have the next card out soon.


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