Danger! part 12

It's been a while!!!! lol not really! I've been posting stuff like crazy this week, Omo I think next week will probably be just as much lol, got a bunch of short stories to post for birthdays! Jiminie is just around the corner!!! okay enough rambling, moving on, story time!!!

"ELIZA NO!" Belle yelled out as she spotted her friend. After looking all over the place for her friend she had wondered where she had gone. Looking everywhere she finally decided to check outside. Only to spot her smoking a cigarette.  "What are you yelling about? " Eliza questioned looking over at her. "Your smoking!" Belle stomped over to her.  "I thought you were quiting" Belle said "Its so hard" Eliza whined. "Well yea, but come on guys don't like girls who smoke" Belle said. "Then I'll get a guy who smokes problem solved" Eliza shot back. "Really, hmm well what if I get a certain guy to tell you to quit, would you do it?" Belle questioned. "Oh please if you got me a boyfriend and told him to tell me to quit . . That's a lot of work so maybe " Eliza laughed. "If I was to go out and find a boyfriend it would be for myself not you" Belle chuckled.  "Drat. It's okay, hard to find a guy who can beat the people I see everyday " Eliza finished her cig with that comment. "The guys from bts you mean?" Belle questioned "Yea if you find someone who is better looking and has a great personality let me know, see if he has a brother or if I can have him" she laughed. "I'll get on that" Eliza nodded. She started to head back. "Who is someone you would listen to who is inside? Hypothetical if they were to tell you to quit a bad habit? " Belle asked as they walked. Eliza gave her a funny look but thought about it none the less. "Well I guess it would be between Namjoon, Jin or Suga" Eliza finally said. "Why?" Belle asked "Well Namjoon is a leader he knows how to make people listen, Jin cause he's mama Jin and I would probably get a lecture about it,  and Suga, come on if he stares at me to long I cave"  Eliza said. "Seriously?  With one look you'll do what he says?" Belle said  "I'm curious to see there reactions and if they match" Belle was getting a wicked idea. As the two of them walked inside Belle kept an eye out for the three of them. Within a couple minutes they spotted Jin who was snacking on bread listening to his headphones. Belle grinned and skipped over to him then tapped his shoulder. Looking up he grinned and removed his headphones. "Hi Belle" he said. "Hi Jin, what you up too?" She asked " Taking a break" he said. "Okay  can I ask you for a favor?" She was full of cheer. "Okay?" Jin was skeptical about it "Can you tell Eliza she has to stop smoking?" Belle asked ever so sweetly. "Eliza!  I thought you stopped" Jin called out looking at Eliza wide eyed. pursing her lips Eliza looked down. "I tried " she said softly "Eliza smoking is bad for you. You could get cancer,  you could die from it, if your not careful you'll light your hair on fire again-" "Hey that was once! I was drunk" Eliza called out "You can't live it down! You caught your hair on fire when you tried lighting your cigarette " Belle laughed " I remember that." "See if the poison doesn't get to you, you might get to yourself" Jin said. "Well thanks Jin, your so caring." Eliza said coming closer. "I'm not done, I still have to tell you the negatives about smoking" Jin said making her back up. "Uh huh,  thanks but no thanks.  I'm good I know what they " Eliza eyes were roaming. "Look there's a manager I should go" Eliza shifted away. She could hear the two of them chuckle as she made her escape. Finally back in her space she saw Namjoon lounging on the couch. "Break?" She called over to him getting his attention. "Yea and the room was empty" Namjoon turned his head to look at her. "Thats fine, lounge away" she told him. "Hey Eliza,  why did I just get a message from Jin to tell you to quit smoking?" Namjoon questioned. Turning sharply to him Eliza narrowed her eyes "Im going to kill her" she gritted out  "Jin is a guy" namjoon gave her a questioning look. "Oh! I know but the one to put him up to that is a girl" Eliza said "Eliza are you smoking again? Do we need to have this discussion how it's not good for you? " Namjoon sat up to look at her. "Noo, I just got that speech" Eliza said. "Eliza" he said her name on a sigh making her stop and look at him. He looked disappointed.  Oh not that look, he couldn't turn it on her. "You should quit. I can help you if you want" Namjoon said. "I've tried and help won't help me" she said, more like whined. "What if you have goals? Counting down always helps. Go a week first, then a month,  then 6 months-" "You jumped from 1 month to 6 months" she narrowed her eyes making him chuckled.  "Then a year!" He grinned at her. "Hmm, well what would my reward be for the first week?" She asked curiously. "You want a reward?" He coke a brow. "Yes, Eliza needs an incentive" she smiled sweetly. ". .  Food?" He made is a question and she shook her head. "That works for you guys not me" she still smiled. "Um,  how about our new album, you can have a copy the day it comes out" he tried again. She thought for a moment. "Okay! But it doesn't come out for more then a week  from now" she said.  "Then from now until then no smoking" he bargined "If you all sign it to panda " she told him making him chuckle. "We will do that for you Eliza" he said standing up. "Now that's settled I should probably get back to practice. " Just as he said that someone walked into the room. "Suga!" Eliza exclaimed seeing him. "I got a text message to stare at you" he said with such a straight face Eliza burst out laughing. "Why do I have a message like this? And from Jin?" He questioned.  Oh Belle must have gotten his phone and sent messages. "Psssssssst  Yoongi,  stare at her until she caves" someone whispered behind them making everyone pay attention that Belle had snuck into the room behind him. The three of them looked at Belle who stood there innocently. "Im going to kill you!" Eliza said as she took a step forward but Yoongi grabbed ahold of her before she could go after her friend. "Im helping you!" Belle called out sticking her tongue out childishly. "What is this about?" Yoongi was still lost,  the only one in the room who didn't know what this was all about. "Stare at her until she says she'll quit smoking" Belle said filling in the blanks for him.  Turning Eliza to look at him he gave her a look that was a mixture of  calculating, calm, and hot all rolled into one. Eliza couldn't help but look at his eyes. He continued to stare, no talking just looking into her eyes. Thank god she at least got namjoon to give her something for her efforts. She stared at him and finally after what felt like hours lshe caved and ooked away. Again she was thankful she already agreed to namjoon without these two extra people knowing cause she would probably have done anything Yoongi would tell her. "Will you quit?" He asked once she was not looking at him. "Yes" she whimpered. "I don't know how long it'll last  but I'll stop" she bit out. He smiled approvingly at her and let her go. "Yes!" Belle cheered " mission accomplished! " "I actually got her to quit" Namjoon said from his spot on the couch. "What? " Belle looked crest fallen "I missed his scene" "he bribed me." Jenni grinned " thankfully my first reward is a cd with them all signing it to panda" she grinned. "Really?" Belle looked at Namjoon. "Bribing always works and food doesn't work on her" he pointed to Eliza. "So did you just have fun staring at me for ten minutes?" Yoongi asked, "I lasted ten minutes?" Eliza perked up looking at him "I thought I would last 2 minutes " she grinned. "Did you only agree to me because you already said yes to him? " Yoongi asked "No, if you came before him I would have given in as well" Eliza said nodding her head. Yoongi grinned. "I can sway you " he looked so cute like that she giggled then stopped. "Tomorrow I start!" Eliza said before she escaped the room laughing.

the looks he gives and then when he knows he's got you hooked! eee

Yes I admit I am a smoker and it is damn hard to quit. I had this conversation several times with people, the lecture, the bargaining, and the staring. the last person to tell me was sarah and damn if she didn't ask if I would quit if Joonie said it to me, I was like in a freaking heart beat, cause the amount of time and energy and care and thought to get him to do it it says so much, plus you know , it being my bias saying it to me (oh gosh that means if we ever end up at their concert and get a chance to meet them face to face, I imagine her actually asking him to say it to me lol oh deary I would die for several reasons) off point, anyway well since she was the last I had this conversation with I made it the short story idea. And yes it seems Joonie or Yoongi would have me agreeing lol. Anyway anyone else give something up if one of them asked you too (please relate to me! Jenni whines* lol Jk);

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