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Welcome to the All about Koo on our new day ^_^ For those of you who don't know much about Ikon we have been taking this week to introduce our members. I am in charge of bringing you this adorable devil every Thursday.

Fact one * More like my opinion* His smile is the best thing in the entire world.

Now on to the real stuff xD

Name : Koo Junhwe ( Ju-ne )

Hangul: 준회

Stage name : Ju-ne

Born : South Korea

Birthday : March 31 1997

Postion : Vocalist , dancer

Blood type : A

Height : 182 cm

Favorite Hobby : Killing Sam ( Me) .

He respects Michael Jackson.

When he first met the others , he thought YG didn’t choose trainee based on their face .

June finds it difficult accepting new people .

When he first met Winner’s Jinwoo , he thought he was an actor from Japan .

Entered YG Ent in April 2012 Along with Yunhyeong .

Was a contestent for SBS Kpopstar season 1 .

Lots of YG Ent producer saying he has a nice voice .

Believe it or not, but June is terrified of heights and water.

He also isn't as cold as he comes off, he is actually just a big kid.

He shockingly loves romance movies over action, and watches them with Jinhwan a lot.

He wants to work with Taeyang one day.

He is the second youngest in Ikon.

Him and Bobby are awkward with each other, but deeply care for one another at the same time.

Is secretively plotting my death. ( I mean look at that smirk)

And there you have it know we have introduced Koo Junhwe If you would liked to be added to the master tag list just let me or one of my support know ^_^

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