Surprise B-Day Party w/ HISTORY & BIGFLO Results



Lettttt's gooooo!!!!

1. It was his idea to throw you a surprise party:

Aww Doki how sweet of you just like a marshmellow lol sweet

2. He took you shopping so the others could prepare for the party:

Ayyyyy!!! Like Jungkyun is bae in BIGFLO y'all don't know lol

3. These two were in charge of baking your cake: (pick two)

Kichun and... Jungkyun???

WTH lol How you in two places at once? Did you send a robot Jungkyun with me or did you try to replace yourself with your brother?

On the other hand, Kichun's such a cutie I adore that boy.

4. This one was setting up the balloons and suddenly one popped on him:

You had one job, HighTop lol

5. The one that was helping to decorate the cake, jumps from the balloon popping and ruins it by drops the jar of frosting onto it:

And now you caused Jungkyun to ruin the cake....nice.... lol

6. These two start complaining and blaming HighTop for messing up the cake:

Oh snap, two YiJeong's to one HighTop going at it lol jk but I'm sure YiJeong was totally unhappy

7. He tries to fix the cake up, but fails miserably:

Kyungie, you tried. It's okay that you couldn't revive the beautiful cake.

8. He finally realizes the front door has open and you and Jungkyun stand there shocked: You know what, I'll just say he played a brother switch trick on me and I was Seoho instead of the actual Jungkyun lol

9. This one comes in late saying ‘surprise..’:

YiJeong would sound so cute (and look cute) saying that.

You laugh at their reactions to you coming in and soon they join in. It amazes you how hard they tried to make your birthday as perfect as possible.

10. You all gather around the ruined birthday cake and as you look at it, a smirk appears on your face. Within seconds, you scoop up some of the cake and slap it onto his face:

Hahahaha I can only laugh at this happening

11: He then made you his target and did the same thing to you:

Yuseong that ain't right like why???

Immediately, everyone starts throwing cake at each other in the kitchen. After the plate of cake is empty, you start playing with the balloons, blowing them up and then inhaling the helium to say funny things.

12. He inhaled helium in and then said 'I love you, Y/N’ before coming toward and kissing you deeply on the lips:

Wow. Sihyoung. Trust me I didn't expect that result lol I'd either be on my tipy toes kissing him or he'll have to bend down lower. (I'm only 5'7" but still lol)

The others all cheer of happiness and excitement as he pulled you in, his arms wrapped around you comfortably. After the party starts to die down, everyone starts to help clean up and it soon looks decent around midnight.

All the boys leave except for Sihyoung. He brings you over to the piano and sings a short song dedicated to you.

After finishing, he comes up to you and wipes away the fallen tears from your face. You two passionately kiss as rain starts to lightly fall outside. Staring at him lovingly you say 'this is the best birthday I could ask for and you made it even more special.’ You kiss one last time before he finally leaves, promising there will be a romantic date coming up soon.

So yeah there's my little story of spending my birthday with HISTORY & BIGFLO. Pretty fun I'd say but...

I'm still wondering why Jungkyun sent his brother to cover for him lol but his brother is a cutie too so no worries!!!

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