SNSD Seohyun bids received the acting in the drama "passionate love"

More and more members of Girls' Generation who touched the acting industry in this year. If maknae Seohyun received a the casting bids SBS's latest drama, he will overtake Soo Young and Yuri to play major cast as first drama! Passionate Lover drama has sent bids for Seohyun the casting and the management had already confirmed on this. "Seohyun is already receives the casting bids to passionate lover and being review it carefully. Until now there has not been decided, "said SM Entertainment. Passionate lover for SBS is a melodrama about a couple involved a variety of issues about love and tragedy. If Seohyun took his role as Han Yoo Rim, he will act as the first love of a main male character. Han Yoo Rim is a medical student who is favored by the main character, until until he dared to lie about its age after the girl approached. This drama will be available in October. (prl)

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