BTS Wings & MOBB😍

Today I pre-ordered Bts's wings the "I" version and Mobb's CD I picked the Mino version.I purchased the versions that included the unfolded poster,which made it cost a few dollars more. I ordered it from I'll try to remember to update the card later on once I get the CD's to go into further detail on my experience with Choicemusicla. The cost wasn't the worst I've seen on a k-pop site. Still it wasn't cheap lol It was EXTREMELY difficult to decide which version of Wings I was going to buy. So I had my mom pick a letter lmao. I'm so excited for both of these come backs. Not to sound lame but this is the first time I ever bought a physical k-pop/hip-hop CD. I'm so excited I can't deal djfjdkdcnndksk ❤ If you guys pre-ordered/ own BTS's & Mobb's CD which version did you pick?

Names LaShonda i love kpop 💜 I'm BTS trash my bias is Jimin but everytime I see one of their pretty faces that changes then it goes back to Jimin lmao I'm also Bigbang trash my bias is T.O.P ❤ But Im a member of multiple fandoms don't get me wrong! 😃 Let's just all respect eachother. and i will respect you as well!😊
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