{SG} Kuroshitsuji Game!

original card

My Girlfriend (for shits and giggles) - Mey-Rin

I always like to see, even if this part's not for me! I think she was my favorite female character, so nice!

My Boyfriend - Agni

He was cool, right? It's been a while, but he seems to have left a good impression on my memory...

My Best Friend - Alois Trancy

*cue Soul Eater Excalibur reaction face* I remember him, and he was NOT cool! How on earth did I become friends with that sniveling spoiled brat!?

What I Am - God Powers

Agni again, which translates to God powers! Which I guess is cool!


So there you have it! If you play, too, be sure to tag@AimeBolanos so she can see your results!

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