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This week's theme is based on Jimin from BTS due to his upcoming birthday!!!

With me being in the Asian Drama department this theme threw me for a loop as Jimin has not appeared in any dramas... Instead for this card I will pretend Jimin and I are friends and the dramas I would suggest to him if so... So I hope you like it!!!

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince / Coffee Prince


This is a romantic comedy so even as a very manly like man I am sure even Jimin would like the funny business of the main female lead pretending to be a male to help the main male lead pretend to be gay to keep his family off his back about marriage... It has hints of love triangles but not in a stabby mcstab stab kind of way... I am sure Jimin will be laughing his arse off at this the majority of the time with his eye squinting glorious laughs... He is just too cute isnt he???

The main male lead is forced by his grandmother (head of the family) to turn business around in one of the shops she owns (Coffee Prince) and the main female lead (tomboy and awesome btw) continues to pretend to be a male in order to work there as she is in desperate need of money... We all know how well pretending to be the opposite gender works for our Asian Drama females so if you like it then like Jimin I suggest you check it out too!!!

Witch Yoo Hee


The beautiful trapped princess wants to be rescued so bad the gods send a charming prince to do so... However when he arrives to the castle he finds out the beautiful princess has turned into a wicked witch!!! Omo omo, lol jk... But it is how the first episode starts and while it is a silly little intro, it is filled with metaphors and parallels to the present world... Main female lead is the executive director of a thriving advertising company owned by her own estranged father...

Enter poor boy with aspiring dreams to be a French chef... (Might I add that he is played by Jae Hee who is the same actor who plays the Yi MongYong paralleled role Lee Mong-ryong of the Korean Drama retelling of the classic Korean tale "Chunhyangjeon" or "The Tale of Chunhyang" which is another great Asian Drama...)

It is nice to have the girl as the rich heir instead of the usual Drama rich boy...

Anyways due to her cold and strict ways she is constantly trying and failing at blind dates... Poor boy ends up indebted to her and therefore they agree to have him transform her... They sign a contract (god you got to love contracts in Asian Dramas) and the deal is set... Little by little she changes but throw in first loves, idols, secret siblings, girl/boyfriends, secret crushes and chemistry between the two main characters and you got yourself one hell of an Asian Drama... It will most definitely keep you on your feet!!!

Full House


Now this drama is a bit older than the other two I suggested to Jimin... It is a 2004 drama about a naive internet author who aspires to be a scriptwriter and an arrogant yet very attractive and successful famous actor (who tends to have a lot of scandals)... Her house called "Full House" was built by her late father and means everything to her... One day her two best friends trick her on going on a vacation so they can sell her house from beneath her to help support themselves and their unborn child... While on her vacation she runs into and meets the famous actor and they dont exactly hit thing s off, well they do but not in a good way... Anyways the vacation ends and she finds out her house has been sold and they also sold all her belongings... (Man I would NOT have been so forgiving as she was) Unfortunately who would be the new owner but the arrogant famous actor??? Just her luck (or brilliantly crafted drama lol) but he wants to make his childhood unrequited love who is a successful fashion designer, jealous so he proposes that for him to give her house back she must marry him and stay married for six months... A contract (Asian dramas sure love their contract relationships dont they???) is written up and signed... Of course a drama wouldnt be a drama if there was a love triangle and family problems... Cue director of large media company who is the childhood friend of both the famous actor and the fashion designer with whom the latter is in love with... Unrequited love seems to be a theme in this drama... Of course Media company director does not return fashion designer's feelings and instead falls for the aspiring scriptwriter and "wife" of his childhood best friend... It is a must see... I promise!!! I am not much knowledgeable about him but Rain plays the famous actor...


Welp that is all I have for today... I hope you will look into these and tell me if you think Jimin would like them too!!!

Have some delicious gifs of Jimin...

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