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my top 3. with the wreckers that didnt make it ... lets see tho muhahahaha. ok this posted so late cause i was tagged awhile back but to lazy to post. so i got bored and posted it.


my 1st bf is none other then my UB Choi Seung Hyun. i love his height his smile those eyes when he stares into ur soul his jaw line like ugh dies. ugh i love guys with strong face features. i love his deep voice. i love that he is not afraid to be who he is. and show it. yeah sometimes i do believe that the show they are on is scripted. but that has never really stopped him from being weird.


my 2nd is 2nd on my list. and it is Bang YongGuk. i love the way he is like a bad ass on stage then when he is off that stage its like he is a fluffy bunny. [shhh dont tell him he may not like that hehe]. his songs he writes is amaze balls. his voice omg i die everytime he talks or raps. his jaw line to oh gosh.


ok so my 3rd is this guy here. he is 3rd on my bias list. he is Kim Taehyung. i love how he is just himself. i love the dorky guy. and wen he sings i melt.


poor SimonD i love u... but yeah had to go for my top 3 on my bias list. YoungHwa im so sorry u didnt make it too. and Bobby and Yunhyeong. i still love u guys. u guys r still with my top 10. If i did pick SimonD and YoungHwa would also have been due to their deep voices. i just melt into puddy with guys that have deep voices. and that Busan accents. and if i pick Bobby and Yunhyeong. i swear idk. they r just balls of sunshine. and would always try to make u happy. ok ok. i swear i would have put my whole bias list up. but that would have taken like 3 days and like ten cards lol. so yeah glad it was only three.

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Aloha. im from Hawaii. i love kpop. and anime! also love sports. family means a lot to me so do my friends. love meet people from all over the world.
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