Foreign Flower~ Dae-Sung's Petal Blossomed

And here we have the Epilogue for our smiling angel!

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3 Years Later

You fiddle with your fingers on your lap, trying to somehow distract yourself from the jitter bug that kept trying to freaking you out.

"You'll be fine, just try not to trip," the silly panda chuckles.

You glance up at him with burning eyes, "I'll try not to push you into the rose bush on accident," you snap back.

"Yaah! You're so mean! How does hyung put up with you?"

You shrug, "I'm allowed to pick on you, that's what the other members said."

He grumbles to himself and crosses his arms across his chest, instantly undoing the action due to avoid wrinkles from appearing on his suit.

It wasn't the first time you've seen Seung-Ri decked out in the finest Italian clothing he owned, it wasn't the first time you've seen any of the members in their shiny leather and combed back hair. But it was the first time you saw a flower on their front pockets instead of a handkerchief.

A knock on the door draws your attention away from wanting to throw something at Seung-Ri.

Tae-Yang pokes his head through the doorway with his eyes covered, "I'm not allowed to see the bride either right?"

"We're not? Oh crap, I already messed up," Seung-Ri gasps, covering his eyes quickly.

You giggle, "it's okay. It's just for the groom. You guys are safe to peek."

The two of them remove your hands away from their faces and smile at you.

"I think Dae-Sung is going to have a heart attack over how beautiful you look," Tae-Yang blushes as he spoke.

You grin back, "I hope not, it'd be a bit scary to have the ambulance here trying to revive him."

"That's why you have to kiss the sleeping hyung," Seung-Ri snickers.

You roll your eyes as Ji-Yong and TOP also appeared through the doorway.

"Are you ready?" Ji-Yong asks you.

You nod, "how come you guys are here? Aren't you two- well, actually, ALL of you suppose to be with oppa?"

"WERE suppose to be. We came over to make sure you didn't get cold feet," TOP answers.

"Me? Cold feet? From that smiling angel? Heavens no!"

Seung-Ri snickers again, "I see what you did there."

"I can see how you and Dae-Sung get along," Tae-Yang shakes his head.

"Yaah! She learned that from me! Only I know the secrets to Dae-Sung's heart!" TOP complains.

"Then why is she marrying him instead of you?" Ji-Yong grins, making TOP punch his arm playfully, mirroring his grin.

Tae-Yang's phone beeped out loud. He pulls it out and checks the notification, his eyes smiling instantly. "Okay, let's give Dae-Sungie a heart attack. Everyone is ready to go downstairs."

Your heart begins to beat out of normal rhythm with Tae-Yang's announcement. The dress itself felt as if it had became excessively heavier than it was a few minutes ago, despite the fact that you had been wearing it for over an hour and had grown accustomed to its weight already.

"Our smiling angel and foreign flower getting married," Ji-Yong comments. "I can't think of anything else so innocent and sweet."

"I can," TOP smirks. "But it won't be so innocent and not as sweet as you think it will be. Dae-Sungie isn't as innocent as you picture him."

You give TOP a dirty look as you follow the members out of the room, "oppa, that's sexual harassment. Dae-Sung is not like that!"

"You wanna bet?" TOP wiggles his eyebrows playfully.

"It's okay, I'll protect you, especially since you'll be carry my godson after tonight," Ji-Yong snickers to himself while he pushed TOP away from you.

"Godson!? Hyung! I'm going to be the godfather!" Seung-Ri whines.

"Yaah! We all talked about this and it has been settled that Dae-Sung trusts me the most with his first born child," Tae-Yang smiles sweetly.

"We talked abou- Where was I when this happened!?" TOP interjects.

You shake your head and leave them arguing among themselves as you descend down the stairs and into the main entrance, searching for your parents to walk down the aisle together.


His bare chest against your cheek provided enough warmth for you to keep the blanket off, even after he repeatedly spread it out on you with the excuse of making sure you didn't catch a cold.

Your fingers coiled around his own as he played with your hand, toying with your wedding band as if he too was still realizing what had happened within the last 24 hours.

The television in the background only provided background noise while you kept yourself entertained with counting how many times his heart beated, happily starting over every time you lost count due to the sleeping spell gradually washing over you.

"Sweetie," he nudges you with his shoulder.

"Hmm?" you respond, lifting your head to meet his gaze.

Dae-Sung smiles and leans in to kiss your nose, "are you falling asleep, sweetie?"

You sit up from his leaning on his chest and hide your yawn with your available hand, nodding slowly. "I guess I am. I didn't think the car ride up here would take so much out of me."

He chuckles softly, "it's okay, sweetie, I'll head to bed too. Go wash your face."

You lean in try and snatch up a quick kiss, failing to pull back fast enough before Dae-Sung grabbed the back of your head to hold you steady as he deepened the kiss with enough passion to make your insides tighten.

Resisting the temptation of not caving in and curling back up in his arms was the hardest thing to do as you pulled back. You knew Dae-Sung was messing with you, you knew he was up to no good with a kiss like that, but how could you blame him? His innocence was just in his smile and you'd come to realize that the real Dae-Sung was a tease the moment he started to take off his shirt right after dinner whenever he'd be home, just to watch you stare at him.

<<Three years living with him and he's gradually become more teasing, I'm barely married to him and he's already showing me his dark side.... Aish. This is what I get for taking one of heaven's angels.>>

The lukewarm water underneath your fingers felt cold on your face, making you turn the warm water more and cut back on the cold faucet. You hum to yourself as wash off the foam off of your face then pat your face off with the nearby towel.

Dae-Sung had warned about the excessively cold nights that usually took place at the log house, and though the day time was scorching hot with the summer sun, he had been right about the cold.

<<He's going to end up catching a cold if I don't give him something to cover up.>>

You pat your face after applying toner for your face to absorb the liquid, only to catch a shadow standing in the doorway.

"My beautiful flower," Dae-Sung smiles. "No flower in the garden could compare to your beauty during our wedding ceremony. I think it was a bad idea to get married outside near the garden, the flowers must have been ubberly jealous."

You grin, eyeing him from the corner of your eyes, "what are you up to, oppa?"

He lowers his head to hide his wide smile, maintaining his arms behind his back, exposing every flexed indentation his muscular body had, "nothing, I'm just here to watch you become more beautiful."

"More beautiful?" You repeat. "Are you sure about that?"

Dae-Sung looks up with an innocent smile, "well, I am here for something."

You pull back from the sink and wipe your hands clean, "oh?"

He positions himself in the middle of the door frame and pulls two packets in front of him, both being character face masks. "It's been three long years sweetie, and yet we've never done this together. Let's do face masks! I want to kiss you in one!"

"W-what?" You stutter, remembering all the times Dae-Sung had tried to teach you the ways of Korean facial routines while you continued to teach him English.

"Come on sweetie, let me put it on you!" Dae-Sung grins, reaching out and pulling you into his arms before you had a chance to escape. "I'll even let you be the angel one and I'll be the flower!"

"Is this why you were being overly cute with me!?" You giggle into his chest.

Dae-Sung shifts you around and pins you against the wall with his hips, "oh no, that was for something else, sweetie," he winks. "But if you want to think so purely of me, then I guess I can use the angel mask."

"Yaah!" You try to protest while he kissed your cheeks and forehead.

"I love you!" Dae-Sung sang in English before silencing you with his smiling lips.



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