Kookie Monster Pt 66

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(picnic does not have pillows or wine but everything else is good) "Kookie!!!" Sarah squealed and ran to her boyfriend who was at the entrance. She jumped on him and wrapped her legs around him giving him a tight hug. He wrapped his arms around her and laughed. "You sure you're not a Koala?" "Oh you know I'm a tiger." She smirked and bit his neck. "Sarah....stop..." He said trying to be stern. She did as he asked. "Hmm I'm curious as to what you have in mind with that look." Sarah got off of him. "Tonight...oh I have a lot in mind. " He smirked "Let's go." He pulled her out the door. This is when she noticed he had a backpack with him. "Bye Jenni I'll see you later." Sarah called out to Jenni who was talking to Namjoon. Kookie held Sarah's hand tight they took a taxi and got out by the water. Kookie pointed to a tandem bike. "Really?" "Yes really." He smiled. She took off running towards it. When she got to it she spun around and smiled at Kookie who was a few steps behind her. "I've never done this before." "Well then this will be fun." He said paying the guy and grabbing a bike. Sarah got on the back while Kookie took the front. Them pedaling together made Sarah laugh. This was always a cute thing she saw couples doing and was excited to do it. They biked down the river until kookie stopped pedaling leaving Sarah to try to do it. "Sarah let's stop here for now." He called out to her and then she moved her feet to the ground. They stopped and she got off first then he followed and they walked the bike to the side of the path and parked it. He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the shore. "What are we doing Kookie?" Sarah asked. "A picnic." He smiled. "I figured we would have just done something else." Sarah said smiling. "Oh I have alot of plans. You know I have alot of energy." He winked at her sending her stomach into a frenzy. She really wished they weren't in public at this moment. He pulled out a blanket and laid it on the grass then started pulling other things out. He sat down and patted the spot next to him. She gladly sat next to him. She sat so close to him she could smell is Cologne which was making her crazy. "Kookie." She said looking at him. "Hmm" He said turning his face towards hers. "I love you." She said and pressed her lips to his. She placed her hand on his stomach only touching his shirt. He kissed her back and she bit at his bottom lip which caused him to open his mouth a bit to try to gain access to hers which she let him. They were making out for a bit. Kookie finally lightly pushed her back a bit to breath. "Let's eat first." He grabbed a sandwich and held it up to her mouth. She took a bit and started eating. After a little bit with some chit chat in between eating Kookie smiled. "What else do you have planned?" Sarah asked. "Well..." He said getting up and running back to the bike. On the back there was a container. "Was that there the wholetime?" Sarah asked "Yea" kookie laughed. He brought it back over and opened it. "Oh my gosh really!?!" Sarah was excited with seeing all the colors in the container. "Yea, I figured this would be fun to do." He grabbed one out. "Is this a war?" "Yeah" He said grabbing another. Sarah quickly grabbed a few and ran away from him. He threw one balloon and it splashed open next to her feet. "Yah!" She said laughing and throwing one at him and it bounced on his thigh and busted open. They were both throwing water balloons at each other and running around. When they ran out Kookie just chased her and grabbed her. They both were soaking wet but neither cared. They we laughing and he picked her up and spun her around. They landed on the blanket he had laid out. He was on top of her and she was still giggling as he got silent. "Kookie?" She smiled looking at him. "You are so beautiful." He finally said making her blush. "Thank you." "I am so glad that I got to meet you. You serious have become a huge part of my life with just a couple of months." He moved closer. "I agree, although I never thought in a million years that I could actually end up with you." "Well now you're stuck with me." "I'm ok with that." As she said this Kookie pressed his lips to hers. Once again they got caught in the moment and started to go farther. "Wait kookie." Sarah said and pushed him off of her. "No, I want you." He said trying to go back. "Oh trust me I want you too but not here. Let's go back to my place." With that he stood up and quickly packed their things. She giggled. As the got back to drop of the bike they got to watch the sunset. But they didn't stay long since they wanted to get back to Sarah's place. They only made it into the elevator before they started going for each other's clothes. The elevator dinged and they seperated but once they realized they were at her floor they quickly moved to the door. As Sarah unlocked the door Kookie pressed up against her cause a light moan to come out of her mouth. She could feel him and was getting turned on. She finally got the door opened and walked in kookie slammed the door shut and quickly picked her up and they continued pulling at clothes and kissing till they got to her room. He shut the door and locked it still holding her. "Music in case Jenni and Namjoon show up." Sarah said against kookie's neck as she was kissing him. He quickly turned the radio on and then made their way to the bed.

Meanwhile Back with Jenni and Namjoon. (The last picture I'm not sure if it's the movie on the Hans river but I liked the sunset being in it.) "So I found something that I think you're going to love." Namjoon said with a smile. "What's that?" "It's a surprise but I know you will love it." He took her hand and walked to a taxi. It took them to a shopping center. They only walked a bit before Jenni saw a place she really wanted to go. "Joonie can we go there." Jenni pointed to Build a bear shop. "That's actually where I was taking you." He smiled. "For reals?" She jumped in place. "Yea." "Oh I love you so much Joonie." Jenni said kissing him quickly then going towards the building. Namjoon laughed and followed his girlfriend. When he walked in he saw here where he knew she'd be. In front of the bears grabbing one that was a panda. "Joonie look a panda! Did you know about this?" "Yes, see I told you that you'd love it." "This is the best date ever." While Jenni was distracted waiting in line. Namjoon grabbed a sound and went and asked a worker for help. After they showed him what to do he recorded what he wanted it to say then walked over to Jenni. They waited a bit but right before they started stuffing Namjoon told them to add the sound, but don't press it. This made Jenni confused but she was getting a panda and was excited so she just ignored it. Jenni tested the softness of it and gave the ok. "Go pick out clothes if you want." He said to her and she nodded and ran off. He took the bear from the lady and pressed the button. "Perfect. Thank you." He said to the worker and went to jenni. "I found this." She held up a tutu and a cute little tank top. "Alright do you need to do that thing?" He asked pointing to the brushing station. She nodded and went and did that then she put the clothes on. She named it and then they left. Jenni was holding it close when she pushed the button. "My sweet Panda, I love you so so so much and I hope that I can always make you happy. You mean the world to me. My one and only girl. My Miss Right. Love your Joonie." "Oh my god that is so cute. I love you too." Jenni said throwing her arms around his neck and hugging him. "I was hoping you wouldn't hear it till I was gone." "Well I'm glad I heard it now. You are too sweet." She kissed his lips and he deepened the kiss. "I have one more thing that we get to do." He said breaking away from her. "What's that?" She asked "A movie on the river." "They do that here?" Jenni asked "Yup, I looked into it, it starts soon." He took her hand and they once again got into a taxi and made it to the Hans river. Namjoon checked to make sure he went to the right place since the river was pretty big and there was alot along it. They found a spot as the previews started to play. Jenni leaned her head on Namjoon and his hat covered up his eyes so that if anyone looked at them they wouldn't be able to tell it was Namjoon. They stayed like that almost the whole movie only switching a few times. The movie ended and Jenni asked Namjoon back to her place. When they got into the elevator they were just holding hands. Jenni sometimes brushed up against him. She didn't know what she was doing to him but once they got in her apartment he spun her around and pinned her against the door. "I think it's time you let me release the beast." He placed his face on her neck and started biting and sucking causing her to moan. His hands moved down her body as one of her hands went to his hair and the other traced down his back. "My room now." She said making sure they wouldn't get caught. He lifted her up as he placed his lips on hers. As they walked past Sarah's room Jenni heard the music. Oh smart Sarah she knew to cover up noise well. But there was a pause in the music. "Haha I'm ready for another go" Kookie said and then thankfully the music came back on. At that point it wouldn't have mattered if it didn't come back on. They were in Jenni's room with the door shut and she flicked the radio on as they passed it. "Smart" He said and threw her on her bed. He quickly climbed on top of her.

The guys left as the girls went to work. The walked them to the studio and then said goodbye. Both girls were a little sad that they knew that the time with them was coming to a end. They did say after the weekend that they would be super busy which made sense. It just meant for them to come tomorrow night with them they had to work all day and night today and tomorrow morning. "So I think we are excited for the weekend." Jenni said "You think?" Sarah laughed "Ok it just depends on the boyfriend." "Which they are working hard so it will happen." "Diamond here is trying to be a positive person." "Well you need to think positively when things could go wrong because there is something good happening you just might not know it." "Wow getting all smart on me." "Oh hush it Ruby." They giggled and talked a bit and the played some music. "Man the morning show goes by so fast." Jenni said "Yea it is shorter than the afternoon show." Sarah said. "Oh hush!" Jenni said lightly pushing Sarah. "Hey since we don't have anything to a tonight can we see if Amber and and Krystal and the rest want to come out with us. You know a girls night?" "Yea we haven't spent time with them in a while."Jenni said Sarah sent a text to Amber thinking she was still asleep. By the time they got home there was as reply. "Awesome she said that would be great, they'll meet us at the radio station when we get off." "Yay ok so then what do we do now?" "I don't know about you but I'm going back to bed. I didn't really get mich sleep last night." Sarah smiled "Oh I bet you didn't your music was playing all night." Jenni said laughing. "Hey when we took a break to get food your music was on so hush it. I bet you did the same thing Kookie and I did." "No comment!" Jenni said walking to her room and shutting the door. "That's what I thought." Sarah said and walked into her room and flopped on the bed. She reached for her tiger and pulled it close to cuddle and quickly fell alseep. The girls alarms went off and they got up and went to work. Jenni had a dream . wanted to discuss on air. "God afternoon lovelies. How is everyone." "I gotta say I loved our break today." "Why do you say that Diamond?" "I got to cuddle with my Jungkook tiger." She laughed "Ahh Oh yes speaking of sleeping...I had another weird dream." "Ruby you do this Cuz you know I won't listen at home right?" "Yup!" Jenni said causing Sarah to laugh. "Ok go ahead." "So I had a dream about being in Bath and Body Works and poof EXO shows up. Now I don't know what they were doing in there." "Ruby they were probably getting stuff to smell good." "Well duh why else would you go in there?" "To test things out." Sarah said "That's what you do isn't it?" Jenni asked "Yup." "Alrighty so now here so the question for callers. What do you think EXO members smell like?" Jenni asked "Wow look at all those calls." Sarah said. "Alright let's start with our first caller. Hello your on the air with Ruby and Diamond what's your favorite?" Jenni said "Hi my names Danielle." "Danielle from the Japanese convention last weekened?" Sarah asked "Yup the one and only." "Danielle!!! How are you!" Jenni asked "Great! I want you girls to know we need to spend time together. Although I have spent alot of time with someone lately." "Oh I bet I know who but I won't say exo but that's great. You shoukd join girls night tonight!" Sarah said "Awesome!" "I'll text you the details but you called in for a reason. What do I think EXO smells like?" "Easy eucalyptus mint." "Oh my gosh yes they would smell so good." Jenni said "Hmm I think that would work...I wonder what else they could possibly smell like." Sarah said. "Well thank you Danielle for calling in, but sadly we can't talk anymore we have other callers." Jenni said. "It's ok. I'll see you girls later." Danielle said and then hung up. "Alright let's see some other scents people think that EXO could be." "You're on the air what do you think EXO smells like?" Sarah said "I think Vanilla." "Oh yes!" "I really want to smell them now." Sarah said laughing. "Thanks for your answer" Jenni said and switched callers. They went through several more, one was twighlight woods, one was sugar cookie, and one got very detailed of the smells they actually would be. "Hello you are on the air with Diamond and Ruby. What's your name?" "Hi my names Crystal. I think more realistically for the scents of EXO." "What do you think?" Jenni asked "D.O would smell like food. Kai sweat, wet dog and fried chicken. Xiumin sweets all day every day. Lay sweat and and the perfume section of a store cause he'd be the nice one to let them spray all the bottles on him. Chen mischief. Suho soccer mom. Channie sweat, must from being in the studio for too long, and determination. Baek Channie with a gentler hint of determination. Sehun sweat and wet dog." "Haha ok realistically I could see all that." Sarah said laughing. They talked a bit more and the played some music and then they even played a game later to make the time pass by faster. When the show ended they met all the girls down stairs. Danielle was shocked to see the girls if f(x). "Alright let's go get some bubble tea!" Amber suggested. "Oh my gosh yes!!!" Sarah said "I have been craving bubble tea all week!" Jenni said. All the girls chatted along the way to the bubble tea place Amber suggested and all had a great time. "I love hanging out with girls that treat us like normal people." Luna said "Well we are the perfect people for that." Jenni said laughing. "Yeah we are, we are ready really strange as well." Sarah added. After a little while longer they ended up going their seperate ways. The girls walked Danielle home and then went home themselves. Like they thought the guys were still at work. They didn't expect them back till tomorrow anyways.


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