Wild Night

Type: One-shot, smut Rating: Mature content No trigger warning Characters: Jungkyun (BIGFLO), Kyungil (HISTORY), and friends. Description: Jungkyun and some friends hang out at Kyungil's place, drinking and having a great time. After the friends leave, a small talk about a girl leads to more than what they thought it'd be. Read to find out what happens on their wild night.

The men laughed as they happily drank their cans of Coronas. One friend said, "Kyungil, why do you look so young? I know that girl Jenny would definitely want you." The others except Jungkyun nodded in agreement. Kyungil's drunken eyes glared at his younger friend before taking up the almost empty bottle of Bacardi and poured it into a shot glass. Heavily, he put the glass bottle back in its spot and slid the filled up shot glass over to him. "Drink it." The others all gave him a questionable look. "Why?" the targeted friend asked. The leader raised his arm, index finger pointing toward him. "Hey, I'm your hyung! Kyungil hyung! Take a shot for saying it wrong." The room once again filled with laughter as the young man took his shot, face scrunching up from the hard taste. They hung together half an hour longer before the three friends left, taking a taxi back home. Jungkyun and Kyungil were left alone, the rectangular coffee table messy with empty beer cans and several open bottles of vodka. "Dudeee," Jungkyun's said, his voice heavy. "If Jenny ev' gets wit' you, make sure you hav' a good package." He placed a hand onto Kyungil's muscular thigh. Kyungil unexpectedly began to unzip his pants and took out his thick long member. Jungkyun took one glance before looking at Kyungil's face, laughing. "I don't need to see that. Put it 'way." "I'm jus' letting you know, I'm not small. I know she'll like it. Maybe even yours." The rock music played on the stereo as the two sat their chatting about Jenny. Suddenly, a drunk Jungkyun said, "I, I've been having this dream constantly jus' kissin' a boy. I don't understand it. The same boy." Kyungil turned his head toward him, eyes looking sleepy. "You have the urge to kiss boys then." "No, I don't," Jungkyun said, giving a non-convincing reply. "Then why don't we experiment?" Without waiting for him to respond, Kyungil wrapped his arm around Jungkyun's neck, pulling him in for a wet kiss. It lasted only a few seconds before Kyungil pulled away, licking his lips as if he wanted more. "How was that?" he asked, staring deeply into Jungkyun's eyes. A crooked smile came upon Jungkyun's face as he brought his head downward. Though his eyesight seemed a bit blurry from how drunk he was, Jungkyun took Kyungil's member in his right hand and began to slowly suck, first at the tip before moving further down the shaft. Kyungil bit his lip roughly as he enjoyed the pleasure, dropping his head back to the headrest of the couch. Jungkyun stopped after a couple minutes, Kyungil's member hard from the oral sex. He took a hold of Kyungil's hand and together they staggered to his bedroom, ready to continue their drunken adventure. They began taking off their clothes with slight difficulty while standing. Once finished, they crawled onto the bed and immediately continued what they were doing. Kyungil rubbed his member against Jungkyun's as he playfully teased his nipples, his moaning growing louder. Moving down, Kyungil proceeded to give him an oral, managing to take his whole length in. "Suck me hard, Kyungil," Jungkyun demanded, pushing and pulling at Kyungil's head, who gagged repeatedly. A loud 'yes' came from Jungkyun as his member grew harder. Quickly, Jungkyun pulled Kyungil and slammed him to the bed face first. Grabbing a hold of his member, he slid it fully inside Kyungil's tight hole. He let out a short, intense shout before biting the pillow hard. Loud smacks of Jungkyun's hand hitting his full, round butt cheeks filled the room. The painful pleasure satisfied Jungkyun as he then pounded harder in him. Loud moans left Kyungil as he attempted to get on his knees. "You know your ass will be hurting tomorrow," Jungkyun teased, moving harder thrusts into him. "Hopefully you can walk." Finally pulling out, Kyungil turned halfway and grabbed Jungkyun's arm, throwing him to the bed. He spread his legs apart and inserted his member inside Jungkyun. As they kissed roughly, Kyungil picked up pace, the sound their skin hitting each other. The two clawed at each other's back, red lines forming as a result. Kyungil sucked hard at the other's neck, leaving hickies behind. After stroking Jungkyun's member for several minutes, he soon came, long shots of white cream escaping him and landing on his torso. Kyungil eventually pulled out and moved a bit closer to Jungkyun's face, ejaculating his whole load onto his chest and face. He licked the outer rim of his mouth, tasting Kyungil's warm juices. "Mmm, you taste nice," Jungkyun whispered as he sat up toward him. His face was half covered in his white cream, but that didn't stop him from getting a few of Kyungil's loving kisses. "You're freaking wild in bed," Jungkyun said, his breathing rapid. "Yup, a wild boy." He grabbed a part of the sheets and wiped his juices off Jungkyun's face. Both laid back down in bed, Jungkyun placing a few soft kisses on his chest before resting his head on top. "We should go for a round two in the morning, Kyungil. You're so damn good I didn't want you to stop." A small, giggle came from Kyungil as he closed his eyes. "They don't call me daddy for nothing. Good night." He placed a kiss on Jungkyun's forehead then pulled the covers over the both of them. "Well, good night daddy."


The next morning at close to 11 a.m., a hungover Kyungil finally began to wake from his deep sleep. The rock music still played in the living room as the sunlight from the side bedroom window shined onto them. Kyungil rubbed his eyes and did a brief stretch. He realized something heavy was laying on top of him. Looking up, his eyes were met with the top of Jungkyun's head, blonde hair ruffled up. In a shocked reaction, Kyungil pushed Jungkyun off, causing him to roll to the edge of the bed. A surprised Jungkyun sat up and blinked his eyes several times before seeing a naked Kyungil beside him. "Okay," Kyungil started, "What the f**k happened last night?" Once realizing he was naked, Jungkyun quickly got up, searched for his underwear, and put them on. They slowly turned and looked each other in the eyes, still trying to comprehend the situation. The two came to the realization of what happened: They had sex.


The End. Please let me know what you think.

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