Norn9 : Review/OP💜

I loved the anime just as much! This Anime is actually based off of a game! Its a Reverse Harem involving 3 lovely girls and 9 Handsome boys. Each girl in the game has an optin to begin a love story with 3 guys. (Keep in mind each one has thier own personal problems including the girls) My Favorite ships are the ships in the picture above xD. In the actual anime it wasn't very Reverse Haremy at all xD but the game doesnt dissapoint! I personally loved the anime tho! My ships actually happened in the anime but my all time favorite (which is Nanami × Akito❤ ) always made me want more TuT. Overall I think this Sci-Fi/Fantasy Anime really hits the spot for the Romantic Anime Lovers out there❤

OMG AND I JUST LOVE THE OP! It's sweet yet slightly pwerful when it comes the the music. It honestly reminds me of another Anime OP but I still can't figure out which one TuTBut i love this OP I hear it everynight when I go to sleep❤

I deeply recommend this anime and the OP as well! I hope you guys give it a chance!


Song Title : Kazakiri❤

By : Yanagi Nagi❤

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