Bleach Screenshot Game!

It's time for another screenshot game! This game is brought to you by@ZephyrBlaze! If you'd like to play along, here's the original card to find out your results! Here are mine:

Where I was Born: Hueco Mundo

Interesting... Guess this means I've got some kind of hollow in me?

Who Trained Me: Kisuke Urahara

YEEEESSSS! I mean, it was probably terrifying and brutal, but effective!

My Nemesis: Yamamoto

*gulp* Well, this doesn't bode well for me...

My Boyfriend: Ichigo Kurosaki♡

The main man himself! Ichigo is one of my top anime crushes, so I'm very pleased with this result! *(^o^)* ♡

My Best Friend: Rangiku Matsumoto

Haha, I always felt like we'd be good friends! Do I get to pick on little Toshiro with her (I mean, I guess he's not so little anymore, but still!)?

Haha, this was fun!

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