top 5 strongest anime/manga/mangwa idk characters by scientific fact update SOME SPOLIERS

so im makin this not to start shit but for fun cause i mean just when u see this thing youll understand one per franchise btw cause then every character on here would be the same

number 5 Torkio: Alright so i havent kept up on the manga cause i dont like it anymore but i know that this man is strong as hell cause he was like fighting a monkey who moved at the speed of sound? and was like 10x earths gravity thats gokus training so u gotta be strong to do that.

Number 4 Mob: Mob is like just such a bad ass dude he's like the professor X of the anime universe and the one punch man of the anime universe easily being able to beat any other psychic take a beating and easily destroying everything around him in the process if u havent watched the anime please go do so.

number 3 Satima: One punch man you know why he's here. i mean look at that name. he got kicked to the moon and was just if ur an anime fan u know whys hes here and hate when people bring him into arguments when they discuss the strongest anime character but could easily beat everyone excpet r top two and any main character in dbz

number 2 HAN DA WII: This son of a bitch...this god among men is my third favorite anime manga idc character of all time next to vegeta and deatht the kid he will get no words just watch this bad ass. He beat the shit out of zeus hades hera athena and poosideon. :3 just i love him go read god of high school youll love it

number 1 xeno sama: he blinks ur universe is destroyed its op its like not even a challenge u cant do anything lol.

so thags my list hope u guys enjoyed again read any of these there all amazing and i guarantee you'd love them all

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