D-Day: BTS Comeback with 2nd Full Album, 'WINGS' & 'Blood, Sweat and Tears' MV

ARMYs, today is the day that most of us are not ready for -- the long awaited BTS Comeback at 10:40 KST (Different times in your time zone) going live on the V App. The whole album is 15 songs; in which all seven members each have a solo, the 'Boy Meets Evil' as their intro, and the expected 'Cypher Pt. 4'. Other songs from the album is '21st Century Girl', 'Lost' and 'Wings' as their interlude. I have been preparing for this comeback a lot now because I have everything that I need for this comeback: a pillow, my phone/laptop, headphones, tissues on hand, and several of you guys. If you're ready for this, comment below your thoughts and tag your fellow ARMYs!

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