Blood Sweat & Tears Theory- Taehyung's evil

Hello lovelies!!!! I know this is my first card in a super! long time, and I'm so sorry :(. But I just had to break my silence, for this amazing mv! Blood Sweat and Tears is a music video like no other, and is full of amazing material for theories. But I'm here to talk about one very specific member, and that, Is Taehyung. Are yall ready for my theory?


If you guys still haven't seen Blood Sweat and Tears, please go watch it! Also watch stigma, it'll be alot easier to understand my theory if you've seen at the least, those two. Actually, scratch that. Go watch all of them! A little bit of extra bts and background won't hurt, right?


Taehyung is the evil. We've seen all the wings teasers, and the mv. And what's talked about? An evil. An evil the boys want to escape from. Who is that evil? Taehyung.




Taehyung is the evil. He grew up with an abusive father, who harmed his sister or mother. This created a "crack" in Taehyung's childhood, and made him angry towards his father, which allowed the evil to begin within him. Once realizing this evil, he tried to squash, to suppress it. Once he became friends with the rest of the boys, Namjoon found out (That's why V calls him and depends on him while he tries to fight the evil). During I need U, V looses control and kills his father, scaring himself and forcing him to run to namjoon for help. During Prologue, V is trying desperately to squash the evil and be himself, but it doesn't work, which is why V resorts to killing himself. Obviously, this doesn't work either. Finally, V accepting it, kills Jin, which is why throughout the serious, he is known as the one person who is already dead. To tie in the teasers now. In namjoon's teaser, he is shown trying to call someone. That someone is Taehyung, however, he does not answer. This could indicate to him having already turned evil. Now we fast forward to namjoon trying to answer a call with a locked phone booth. Thus shows namjoon's regret to not being there for Taehyung, which is shown in V's teaser, where he asked at the end for a call. This could've been to namjoon, trying to ask for help, as he was feeling once more the evil, especially because of his triggered flashbacks from the officers questions about his family. Namjoon does not answer this call for some reason and Taehyung is sent off the edge. At the end of his teaser, V is shown playing with a puppy before it runs away, and V is locked in a cage. The puppy signifies V's innocence and good, and the falling cage shows how V is giving up and submitting to be locked with in his evil. Now to blood, sweat and tears. Jin is shown stepping up to a statue with real wings, presumably V's. He kisses the statue, showing his forgiveness towards V for killing him and his sorrow that V became evil. Then there's the scene, where we see V with his back showing, and scars where wings would be. He smirks and the camera leaves him. This shows how V truly accepted the evil and how he was stripped of his "wings"(innocence) and became a fallen angel, much like Lucifer when he rebelled against God and became evil. Extra evidence! In stigma, the words Taehyung sings are I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry my sister No matter how much I hide and conceal I can't erase it, so cry Please dry my eyes up That light that light Please shine it on my sin Deeper, it feels like I'm going to die Let me receive my punishment Forgive my sin, please This shows us how he's apologizing to his sister for giving into his evil, and how his wings are being torn away "deeper it fells like omg going to die, let me receive my punishment, forgive my sin, please". Those words especially are speaking of how his wings are being ripped away as punishment.

Long story short!

Throughout the series, V is fighting an evil within him, caused by his abusive father, and in the end gives into the evil and becomes a fallen angel

So? What do you guys think? This theory is honestly my favorite that I've ever come up with and the first I feel so assured to share with you. I haven't tied in Young Forever or Fire, but I still think this theory stands true. Do you guys have more evidence for this theory, or, do you have evidence against this theory? Please comment down below, I'm excited to hear your thoughts!! @mrsjeon @johnevans @vixxstarlight1@Vkookie47@IsoldaPazo@stefanitre@SimplyAwkward  @reyestiny93  @marisamusic

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