5 Kiss Scenes Hotter than Jin's Sculpture Kiss


We all saw Jin's little kiss scene in 'Blood Sweat & Tears' so I wanted to talk about a few other MV kiss scenes that are lovely~

Hakyeon (VIXX) in Brian Joo's 'Let This Die'

You read that right, VIXX helped out Brian Joo for his MV and while Taekwoon was being mopey at the bar, Hakyeon was angry-kissing some girl with too much eye liner!

The kiss happens at 1:30

Minhyuk in BTOB's 'Irresistible Lips'

What's up with Korean guys angry-kissing girls?! Well, here is Minhyuk trying to get his lady friend back at her wedding.

The kiss happens at 3:30

Hyuna and Hyunseung's 'No Tomorrow'

They kind of kiss the whole time, but the main kiss starts at 1:30. No, they aren't dating, but yes, their chemistry is electric.

Taehyung in WINNER's 'I'm Young'

This entire video is so lovely and emotional, I wish it got more love and I encourage you to watch it now :)

The kiss scenes start at 1:15

Taeyang in '1am'

Taeyang got a lot of heat for this video with his current girlfriend, and it was obviously marked with a 19+ rating.

The kiss scene starts at 2:42

Which was your fav, and who am I missing?

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