Devil Survivor 2 Needs Pre-orders To Get EU Release

The video game developers Atlus has recently made an announcement regarding the release of their Nintendo DS title Devil Survivor 2 in the PAL region of Europe. The games release date has previously been pushed back due to lack of interest in the game by retailers. To combat this and ensure that the title gets a release in Europe they will be running a a program with the Ghostlight Store, in which fans can pre-order the title. However, the game will only get released if they receive enough pre-orders to cover the cost of manufacturing the game. If this goal is not reached all who pre-ordered the game through this program will get a full refund. The game is currently available to be pre-ordered in two different versions, a standalone version and a bundled version. Both pre-order versions will contain an exclusive A4 folded poster featuring the cover art, the opportunity to have their name included in the manual, and a special gold coloured Devil Survivor Logo on the inlay of the game. That standalone will contain the standard version of the game and the bundled version will contain the standard version of the game along with Devil Survivor Overclocked for the 3DS. Pre-orders are scheduled to close on Friday 30th August and they hope to reach the target of 1,800 units ordered. If they manage to reach their goal the game will be released toward the end of September. Those wanting to see a bit more can check out the trailer and screenshots below, before heading over to here and pre-ordering the game.

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