D2: A Brighter Darkness Gets Third Trailer Streamed

NIS America have started streaming a new trailer for the upcoming release of the new 'Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness' PS3 video game. The trailer is the third released and showcases the game's new content and gameplay, along with looking at some of the story and battle system used in the game. The game's hero, Laharl, also makes an appearance in female swap art teasing that there may be a unexpected plot twist in the new game. The game is currently set to be released in Europe on September 27th 2013 and in North America on October 8th 2013. The Disgaea D2 strategy RPG sequel follows on from the events of the first Disgaea game. Despite Laharl becoming the Overlord of the Netherworld, no one, par a few demons and higher angels in Heaven, accepts this. In an attempt to prove himself, he sets of on a new quest to rule all demons with an iron fist.

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