Winner Community Countdown Day 1

Hey InnerCircle!! I really hope you will join the Winner Mod team this week in our countdown to a bromance one shot about our boys! Day 1 is your 5 favorite pics of Winner, and I have to say that narrowing it down to five was insanely difficult!! I did it though. Here are my 5 favorite pictures of our boys...

#5 ~ Seriously, how cute are they?!

#4 ~ I really want to just edge my way into the middle of this...

#3 ~ What are they looking at? Anyone else like to pretend that it's you? No? That's just me...? Ahem, well then... moving on

#2 ~ There is something so sexy about this picture...

And finally.... #1! This is my absolute favorite picture of Winner! Sexy and dorky all at the same time - the very best description of Winner, lol So what about you guys? Make a card and show us what your 5 favorite pics of Winner are, and don't forget to tag the Winner Mod team in your cards!!



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