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What's good crew! Cynthia Foreman logging in for the first time as a Monster Blogger, Ayyyee! So your guys can call me Cici, Cindy, Cynthia don't really care. So super excited to start this journey with the Media Monster squad as a KHH blogger. This is the first card I have ever made, so lets get this party started. *rolls up sleeves*


Media Monsters Squad



Monsters Team:













Check ya girl out! This is thee Cynthia Foreman, excuse the background. But anywho let me tell you a few things about myself!


1. I am a struggling adult who hates adulthood.

2. I'm currently in love with Naruto! (only in the beginning of shippuden)

3. My favorite K-pop boy group is Shinee ( ultimate bias is my sweet Minho)

4. My favorite snack is almonds.

5. I have a brother 15years older than me, and a sister 15 months younger than me.

6. My favorite K-pop girl group is F(x) <3

7. I can honestly say I check my vingle account like 3 times a day, lacking.

8. I obviously love to procrastinate, cause this was due today and I almost fucked that up!! whoops can I say that? Nevermind now, its to late hahahah

9. Three words to describe me 1. Super 2. Friggin 3. Chill :)

10. GOD is love!

Bow, This is me. Peace out squad, see Ya next time!

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