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!!!!Warning political views points within, if you don't want to hear it don't click!!!!

Know this is my first card ever on this app/site so bare with me. How many of you know that music can influence change in this world? How many of you have witness this change? And how many of you are doing something to change it because of the artist/band you listen to has opened your mind to think differently about the world around you?

Jimi Hendrix - Star Spangel Banner (Woodstock 1969)

Jimi shocked the world when he performed the national anthem on his guitar adding in the sounds of heavy artillery firing, guns of varying degrees unloading, and most of all the haunting sound of bombs dropping from the sky. This was his way of opposing the Vietnam War. Also this was my first taste of political nuance in music at the time I really didn't understand stand why everyone was so riled up about him playing his version of this nation's song. Well I guess it didn't help that I was concieved and born a decade after that. 1987 is the year I was birthed into and after the point where I consciously knew of my existence my mind has been filled with political views by way of music. Most of which I began realizing since maturing over the years. After learning why we went over to Vietnam and the personal retelling of the events that took place over there through those surviving vets in addition to how horrible treatment those vets faced upon return I most certainly denounce and opposed it, as well as both Iraq and Iran war that is supposedly done with; yet we still have boots on the ground over there while a civil war is taking place.

Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name, Bulls on Parade, & Guerilla Radio

These guys were the epitome of political warfare with their music. These three tracks always get me pumped. With rock/rap feel and those words conveying the corruption within the US across a spectrum to youths like myself at the time could get behind. Simply put these did what their name says. They're going to make you Rage Against the Machine. Having their songs blasting into my mind through my ears forced me to see the world in a way that was always drilled into my head growing up. At that point I half-heartedly accepted it while not knowing how to change the world, and even now I still am struggling with this.

People are always telling me that I should use my gifts to change the world. I have many gifts/talents (we all do) my main gifts are writing/storytelling and photography. Hopefully with these I will achieve that feat of changing the world. But for now I need more time to gain more information about what topic I'm going to address in the near future. I could continue, but my brain is working against me right now so I'll leave it be. But what i wanna know is what artist/band that have made you go into deep thought and want change the world around you?

im really a simple guy thats into photography, writing, blacksmithing and graphic design. My fav animals are: tigers, sharks, spiders and raven/crows. I'm a huge fan of shows like Sailor Moon, MLP FIM, Bleach, Law & Order: SVU, Castle, and Scandal.
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