Fandom Wars ARMY vs EXO-L

Okay ranting time. First off, congrats to BTS for breaking the views on their MV Blood, Sweat Tears from when I last checked it it was over 9 million views. Okay. So now to the real issue. I was on twitter today. I happened to come across all this hate and arguing between ARMY and EXO-L. Can you guess what was the cause of it? BTS broke EXOs record on view counts with 24 hours. Crazy right? Can we seriously stop with all the hate. There was a time when, before I joined in one the kpop world, that ARMY and EXO-Ls were a family. ARMYs supported and was there for EXOLs when hardship happened within EXO. And vise versa… As a happy and simple person, I find this, being in a fandom, not so fun anymore. Its like really? I for one, think because of new and yet younger and immature fans in both fandoms are getting away with careless behavior. Yea, ARMY was going through some bad things within the fandom, like making fun of certain members like always saying Jimin you have no jams or even only Biasing only one member over the other, like the whole thing that happened with JHope. I watched that broadcasting and I was upset with fans asking about the other members. I wanted to hug JHope. EXO recently has a thing within as well, Chanyeol.. everyone was giving him grief and get upset with him, over what? I honestly felt bad for him and some of the members that receive hate, especially on their own social media. I honestly think EXOLs think they own them and that they cant do anything. Look how far it went when they announced Kai and Krystal. So much hate went towards Krystal and people were unstanning Kai. Really? They are all men, the work with a lot of beautiful ladies at SM its bound that theyll be dating. So. Back to the argument that is going on at hand right now. As I stated BTS has gotten over 9 million views on their MV, I think its was triggered the fandoms to go at each other.


I dont care if I get grief for this, Im posting this everywhere. Cause this needs to stop!

This was sent to me, it makes me upset. The rest is a couple tweets I found.

These are the good posts I found.. this is how its suppose to be. My Kpop Fam:@EmilyPeacock @BBxGD@evievelyn @RochelleRose @BiasKpop

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