MM: Zen becoming self-aware! 😲

So breaking the 4th wall is probably my favorite "forbidden" literary technique, so you can imagine my ecstacy when I had the following exchange with Zen:

Honestly, I wouldn't put it past Seven to pull something like that! (I saw a card relatively recently about how his name, Luciel, comes from Lucifer, or something like that; based on my experience with Supernatural, I'd say the second half comes from Gabriel, aka "the Trickster!" lol I might make a card delving into that later, probably after I get through his deep route and really learn about him... Anyway, back to the topic at hand!) Naturally, since it was Zen and I love watching him squirm, I used my brutal honestly to scare him a bit! I just couldn't resist sharing! Well played, developers, well played!

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