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Fun Facts:

– Dongwoo’s sister used to be a dancer and he learned how to dance from her.

– Dongwoo’s family has an octopus resaurant.

– Along with L, he’s really hard to woke up, you even have to shake him.

– Dongwoo choose BEAST’s Yoseob as an idol he wants a duet with.

– Dongwoo and Hoya are officially registered as songwriters with the Korean Music Copyright Association. Hoya for White Confession, and Dongwoo for both White Confession and Cover Girl.

– If Dongwoo was given a whole day of free time to do whatever he liked, he’d want to go a drive with his family.

– If Dongwoo wasn’t a celebrity he’d want to have become a Chinese herbal medicine doctor.

– He likes to bring useless stuff in his bag because he think it would be useful in another time.

– Apart from green, Dongwoo’s other favorite colors are gold and white.

– Dongwoo’s ideal type: A girl full of cute charm who is pretty when she smiles. The celebrity closest to Dongwoo’s ideal type is Lee Minjung.


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