BtoB Member Day: Changsub

Hello my fellow Melodies! Its Melissa, your BtoB mod supporter. Today I'll be representing our cutie Changsub. We will be getting to know who is Changsub.

Here are some basic facts about Changsub. Real Name: Lee Chang Seob Stage Name: Changsub Birthday: February 26, 1991 (25 yrs old) Position: Lead Vocalist Height: 177cm (5' 10") Weight: 64kg (141lbs) Zodiac sign: Pisces Blood Type: O Specialties: Piano and Drums Instagram:@lee_cs_btob Twitter:@LeeCS_BTOB

Here are some other facts about Changsub. -Siblings: Younger sister, Jungeun -Favorite color: Black Hobbies: Listening to music and drinking coffee. ( I didn't know coffee drinking was a hobby. I need to add that to my hobby list.) -Education: Modern K Music Academy, Howon University- Major in Applied Music Fans: Omegas

Here is Changsub's ideal type. -Someone who has a small egg shaped face -long straight hair or wavy curls -who can wear sports shoes -height has to be 165cm -has a s line -with smiley eyes - who is more lively than him -who thinks before acting -who doesn't wear thick make up. -who has milky white skin - who can lead him on -who is willing to go with him to Busan's haeunde to look at the sea and to eat sashimi. -who would go with him to an awesome place to have coffee together. - who would eat pork soup with rice at night. Is it me, or be to be Changsub's ideal type has a lot of requirements? What do you think? Well that's all for Changsub Tuesday. I hope you learned more about Changsub. I know I did.

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