The Caretaker [One Shot]


Genre: Fluffiest thing ever, so much fluff Words: 4200 @Junhwanbae92, because I LOVE you so much I wrote you a special little story. I hope you enjoy In light of recent news of Nam Taehyun's illness, I hope he gets to feeling better soon! Fighting!

Sam gathered her things in a hurry and started out the door from work. Work had been busier than expected so she was late in picking up her daughters from daycare. “Sam!” Her boss yelled at her as she started to walk out the door. Sam turned around letting out an annoyed sigh. “Did you finish that article?” Her boss asked. “Yes,” Sam responded, “I put it on your desk. I’ll see you later.” Without giving her boss another chance to respond Sam ran out the door rushing to her car. After arriving at the daycare Sam walked in and waved at the woman sitting behind the desk. “Sorry I’m late,” Sam said as she started to fill out the small amount of paperwork required to pick up her daughters. “No worries, they’ve been having a fun time with the new caretaker,” the woman said smiling. Sam looked up at her puzzled then handed the paperwork to her. “New caretaker,” Sam asked. “Yeah, we have a new guy. Go on in and meet him if you want. He’s very nice.” Sam nodded and walked through the doors into the main playroom. She spotted her two daughters quickly. They were playing house with a young man in the corner of the room. “Mae, Min, come on grab your stuff. We need to go to the store,” Sam called from the doorway. “Mommy!” Mae, her oldest, called as she ran up to Sam. Sam scooped Mae up in her arms squeezing her. “Mommy, I got an A on my test at school today!” “Good job! I’m so proud of you.” Sam gave a kiss to Mae’s cheek then sat her back on the ground. “And how is my little Min,” Sam asked giving Min a quick peck on the cheek. Min smiled and gave Sam a kiss on the cheek. “Now, both of you go get your things. We need to go to the store before going home.” As both girls ran off to collect their things the young man they were playing with walked up to Sam. “Your daughters are very sweet,” he said while smiling at Sam. With a small laugh Sam said, “Thank you. I’m sorry, what’s your name?” “Taehyun,” he said as he held his hand out for her to shake, “Nam Taehyun.” Sam took his hand in her’s and blushed at the touch. “I’m Sam, it’s very nice to meet you. Thank you for taking care of my daughters.” “No problem.” Sam felt herself blush more at the sweet smile he shined at her. She was about to say something when she suddenly heard Min. “Mr. Nam, will you play with me tomorrow too,” Min asked as she tugged lightly on Taehyun’s pants. He bent down to be at eye level with Min. Sam watched as Taehyun took a small strand of hair and tucked it behind Min’s ear. “I should be asking if you will play with me again. I wasn’t too boring?” He asked while he displayed a playful pout at Min. Sam felt herself let out a small laugh making Taehyun look up at her. Sam cleared her throat. Min giggled while she shook her head no at Taehyun and he ruffled her hair lightly. “Okay, I’ll see you girls tomorrow okay? Be safe getting home,” Taehyun said as he stood up and waved. Mae gave a quick hug to Taehyun’s leg and then ran to the door of the play room. “Have a nice evening Taehyun,” Sam said before opening the door for the girls, then leaving.

Sam got into the driver’s seat and as she was about to back out, she saw Taehyun running to their car holding something. She rolled her window down and was met with his smiling face. “Mae forgot her workbook,” he said handing it to Sam. Sam suddenly found herself unable to speak as she went to take the workbook from him. As soon as her hand touched the cardboard book cover Taehyun brought his hand to rest on top of her’s. “Be careful getting home Sam,” Taehyun said smiling while staring deeply into Sam’s eyes. Sam could feel herself blush and she glanced down at his hand touching her’s then back up at him. He slowly removed his hand from Sam’s and waved back at the girls. “See you tomorrow girls,” he said with a full and bright smile. Sam quickly rolled the window up and threw the workbook in the passenger seat. She took in a deep breath then turned so she could back out of her parking spot. When she turned back around she met Taehyun’s gaze again. He smiled and waved as Sam shyly waved back before pulling away. At the end of the day Sam fell onto her bed exhausted. The girls were tucked in and asleep, the groceries were put away, and now it was time for bed. As a heavy breath left Sam’s lungs the image of Taehyun smiling at her appeared in her mind. Feeling the quickening of her heart Sam sat up on her bed. “What was up with him,” Sam ask herself as she looked down at her hand. Even though it was hours later she could still feel the tingling of his lingering touch on her skin. Her heart raced faster and she shook her head trying to break free of the memory. ‘You’re too old for this. You have two daughters. You can’t go fawning over every cute guy,’ She thought. The more she tried to push Taehyun’s face out of her mind, the more he appeared. The way he looked at her daughters, how warm his smile was, even the tone of his voice was making Sam feel as if she was suffocating. “A shower,” Sam said as she quickly stood up trying to catch her breath, “A shower. I need a shower.” Over the next several days Sam did her best to avoid Taehyun when picking up her daughters. Anytime he would see her he would always shine his bright smile and she would nervously look away. She never knew how to react so she figured ignoring him would be the best. One day while she was at work she gets a call from Mae’s school saying she was too sick and needed to be taken home. Sam explained to her boss she needed to leave and that the article she was working on would be late. “You’ll have to figure something out for tomorrow. We have an important meeting and I need you here,” Sam’s boss said with no sympathy. “But the daycare doesn’t allow sick children to stay there and I-” Sam started before she was rudely interrupted. “I don’t care, figure something out. I need you here at the office.” “Yes ma’am.” When Sam got back to her desk she slammed the palms of her hands onto it and let out a sigh of frustration. She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly trying to calm herself down. Sam gathered her things and ran out the door to her car heading toward Mae’s school. After picking up Mae she took her to the doctor to get her diagnosed. “Looks like she has tonsillitis,” the pediatrician said as he removed his medical gloves. “Tonsillitis,” Sam asked with worry.

“It’s an infection in the tonsils. Seeing as she has it so young it might be best to consider having her tonsils removed at some point.” “Wait what?!” “It’s a very easy procedure. But by removing the tonsils, it could improve the health of Mae in the future. Once she has gotten over her tonsillitis I will suggest you to a specialist to consult with.” Sam nodded as she felt her stress build up even more. She looked over at Mae, who was laying on the exam table, and smoothed her hair back. The feeling of Mae’s skin on Sam’s hand felt like fire. ‘I need to find a way out of work tomorrow,’ Sam thought as she worried about Mae. “Here’s the prescription for her. Let me know if you need anything else,” the doctor said handing Sam a piece of paper. She placed it in her pocket then picked up Mae from the table. “You feel like a tiny furnace Mae,” Sam said as she smoothed Mae’s hair even more. “I don’t feel good mommy,” Mae whined as she started to cry lightly. “Shh shh shh, it’s okay sweetie. We’re going home.” When Sam finished getting Mae into the car she went straight to the daycare to pick up Min. As Sam walked into the door the lady behind the desk looked confused. “What are you doing here so early,” she asked worriedly. “Mae had to be picked up from school. She’s sick,” Sam responded. The lady nodded and picked up her phone calling into the playroom to have Min brought out. “Will we be seeing Min tomorrow,” the lady asked. Sam let out a stressed sigh, “Are you guys able to make an exception and watch Mae for me tomorrow?” “I’m sorry. We don’t allow children with fevers to stay here. It’s a risk for the other kids.” “I know, I know. I just have an important meeting tomorrow and...” “We could always watch Min for you, but we won’t be able to take Mae. I’m sorry.” “It’s okay. I’m sure I’ll figure something out.” “Mommy!” Sam turned to see Min running to her excitedly. She bent down and scooped up a running Min and hugged her closely. “Why are you here mommy,” Min asked. “Your sister is sick so I came to take you home with us.” “Mae is sick,” Sam heard Taehyun ask from afar. She looked up at him and saw worry spread across his face. Quickly looking away to place Min on the ground Sam nodded. “What’s she sick with? Is she okay,” Taehyun asked as he approached Sam. Sam took a step back away from him and looked around nervously. “She has tonsillitis. She will be okay,” Sam said avoiding eye contact with Taehyun. Sam turned her attention back to the woman at the desk, “If you guys won’t watch Mae do you know of someone who might?” “Well there is someone who-” the lady started before she was interrupted by Taehyun. “I’ll watch Mae and Min tomorrow.” Sam looked over at him with wide eyes and surprise. “I’m off from here for the next couple of days. I can watch both of the girls,” He said as he smiled at Sam. “Th-that’s not necessary. You should enjoy your days off,” Sam said, feeling her cheeks grow redder by the second.

“Really I don’t mind. I could even go to your house so the girls are more comfortable. That way you could go to work.” “That’s...” Taehyun bent down next to Min smiling at her. “What do you say Min? Want me to come over to take care of your sister and play tomorrow?” “Yeah!” Min said excitedly then started to giggle. Taehyun turned Min to face Sam and he placed his head on Min’s tiny shoulder looking up at Sam. “What do you say mom,” Taehyun asked shining his bright smile making Sam feel like she was having a heart attack. “Using my kid against me are you,” Sam said while raising an eyebrow. “Mooooom,” Min whined. “Yeah, moooooom,” Taehyun whined back while trying not to smile. Min started to giggle and Taehyun laughed with her. ‘Sam, get a hold of yourself,’ Sam thought as she stared down at Taehyun. Taehyun looked up at her as he stood. “So,” he started, “What do you think?” “Okay,” Sam said letting out a sigh and looked up into Taehyun’s soft eyes, “Thank you.” “Of course,” He said as he picked up Min in his arms, “I’ll help you get Min in the car and we can exchange information.” Sam couldn’t help but noticed how his arms were flexed slightly while he held Min. Sam marveled at the shape of his arms and realized she was staring when she felt herself drooling. ‘Oh dear god was I just drooling,’ Sam thought as she wiped her mouth. Taehyun let out a laugh and smiled at Sam. ‘Oh god, he noticed...’ Taehyun talked with Min as he walked out and held the door open for Sam to leave. While Taehyun got Min situated in the back seat, Sam grabbed a notepad and pen from her purse. She turned around and saw Taehyun standing right behind her. “Oh geez,” Sam exclaimed in surprise placing her hand to her chest. Taehyun started laughing at Sam bringing his hand to his mouth covering his smile. “You scared me Taehyun,” Sam said through her own laughter. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to,” He said letting his laughter turn into a big smile. As sam looked at him she couldn’t help but notice that when he smiled his whole face squished into it, making it seem as if his whole face was smiling brightly. Sam cleared her throat and showed the pen and paper to him. “Please write down your contact information,” Sam requested shyly. When Taehyun grabbed the items from Sam he made sure to lightly touch her skin. Sam ripped her hands from his touch and looked away, her cheeks a bright red. She looked back up at Taehyun who was smiling at her which made her blush more. Sam walked around Taehyun to check on Mae. Sam could hear Taehyun let out a laughing breath behind her. ‘This is a bad idea, this is a bad idea,’ Sam thought while she placed her hand to check Mae’s fever. Mae didn’t feel as warm which made Sam feel more at ease. “Okay, my stuff is written here. Now I need yours. Do you mind if I steal a piece of paper from your notebook,” Taehyun called behind her. “Oh yeah, here let me write everything down,” Sam said back as she took the pen and notebook from him. She wrote down her address, her personal number and her work contact information. She ripped the paper from the notebook and handed it to Taehyun. “I leave for work at 7:30. Will you be able to be there by 7:15 so I can go over things with you,” Sam asked while she looked at his lips. “Yup, I’ll be there,” he said while smiling. Sam forced herself to look up at Taehyun’s eyes even though it made her heart race uncontrollably. “Okay then, well... have a good evening Taehyun. I’ll see you tomorrow,” Sam said before getting in the car and driving away quickly.

The next morning when the doorbell rang Sam froze in place. ‘He’s here,’ Sam thought as she ran to the bathroom. Sam examined herself in the mirror as she ran her hand down the front of her dress, ridding it of any wrinkles. The doorbell rang again and Sam took in a deep breath to calm her nerves. Sam ran toward the door but as she got closer she slowed her pace. Pulling the door open she was met with a bright eyed, smiling Taehyun. “H-hi,” Sam stuttered. Seeming nearly impossible, Taehyun’s smile grew wider as he let out a small laugh, “Hi.” “Please come in,” Sam said as she moved out of the way and motioned for him to come in. While she closed the door she could feel Taehyun’s eyes on her. “You look really beautiful today,” Taehyun said to the back of Sam’s head. Sam praised the fact that she was facing the door so she could hide the extreme blush across her cheeks while she screamed to herself in her thoughts. “Thank you. It’s for my business meeting today,” Sam said coolly as she turned around. “Now, allow me to show you around the house Taehyun.” Taehyun removed his shoes and followed Sam around the house getting the full tour. Sam explained he was free to eat whatever he wanted and use the TV freely. “Both of the girls are still sleeping but Mae will probably be up soon. She’s a light sleeper. She will need her medicine at noon and again at four. I’ll be off work at about 4:30. Any questions,” Sam rambled quickly. “Yes, just one,” Taehyun responded, “What’s your wifi password? I need to take a test for college by three today. I figured I would do it while the girls were napping.” “C-college?” Taehyun laughed lightly. “Yes college. I’m in my last semester.” “Ah... right.” Sam nodded as her gaze fell to something in the distance. “Well the wifi password is this long code. It’s posted over here on the fridge.” Sam walked over to the fridge and pointed to it. Taehyun nodded and smiled. “Well I need to be heading to work. If you need anything let me know. Thanks again Taehyun. It really helps,” Sam said as she walked toward the door. Sam slipped her least favorite shoes on, high heels, and put her purse over her shoulder. She turned to see Taehyun waving goodbye at her smiling. Sam looked away nervously and shuffled out of the door. With the door closed behind her, Sam leaned her back against it and let out a heavy breath that felt she had been holding it for years. “Was I even breathing?” Sam asked herself then let out a small groan as she brought her hand to her forehead, “There’s a really attractive man in my house right now and I can’t enjoy it.” The door suddenly opened behind her making her fall into the chest of whoever opened the door. When she looked up she was met with the eyes of Taehyun who looked surprised. Sam could feel his strong grip on her arms and his firm chest. Suddenly realizing she was leaning against him she stood up and brushed her dress and messed with her hair awkwardly. “S-sorry Taehyun. I was leaning against the door fixing my shoe,” Sam lied. When Sam heard Taehyun laughing she looked up and noticed the light pink blush that spread across his cheeks. “Sorry, I had forgotten to ask you something and I was hoping to catch you before you left,” Taehyun said through his laughter. “Are the girls allergic to anything?” “No they aren’t. Now, if you’ll excuse me.” Sam brought up her hand covering her face from Taehyun as she exited the door again too embarrassed to show the blush on her face. While Sam was at work she couldn’t stay focused. Everything that happened this morning kept playing over and over again through her mind. Luckily the business meeting went without a hitch but now she sat staring at her computer unable to work on her article. She looked down at the clock on her computer screen and noticed it was 2. ‘The girls are alright aren’t they? I haven’t heard from them or Taehyun,’ Sam thought while she pursed her lips. Sam went to dial the home phone when her boss suddenly showed up outside of her office. “Sam,” she called. Sam shot up from her seat and looked at her boss in surprise. “You’re free to go home. Great job at the meeting. I hope your daughter feels better soon.” “Thank you,” she said feeling the relief spread through her body. Sam quickly gathered her things and ran out of the office doors eager to get home. Standing outside of the door to her home, Sam could feel herself getting nervous again. Her hand was on the door handle but she wasn’t turning it. ‘He’s just the caretaker Sam,’ she thought, ‘He’s just a college aged, beautiful, sweet, caretaker. Nothing more.’ Having felt that she convinced herself well enough, she opened the door to her home and walked through. “I’m home,” Sam called as she removed her sore feet from her shoes. Taehyun leaned up from the couch and looked over at Sam. “Hey! You’re home early, it’s only about 3,” Taehyun called as he got off of the couch and moved over to meet Sam near the kitchen island. “Yeah my boss let me out early because Mae is sick. How is she doing? Were the girls any trouble?” Sam made herself a glass of water and started to drink from it. “Both are asleep and Mae’s fever hasn’t gone up at all today. She still has a slight fever but it’s very low.” Sam nodded while she finished swallowing the last bit of water from her glass. “Thanks again for watching the girls Taehyun. How much do I owe you?” Sam reached over to her purse on the counter but Taehyun suddenly grabbed her hand. Sam looked up at Taehyun and was met with a serious gaze. “You don’t owe me anything. I didn’t do this for money,” Taehyun said while he stared intently into Sam’s eyes. “Well I should at least give you something. I’ll feel bad if I don’t give you anything,” Sam said pulling her arm from Taehyun’s grasp. She rummaged in her purse for her wallet and just as she grabbed it her hand was grabbed again, except this time Taehyun was right in front of her, not across the counter. “T-Taehyun,” Sam stuttered feeling her heart race. “I said you don’t need to worry about paying me,” Taehyun said, his voice sweet but demanding. Sam swallowed hard as she stared into Taehyun’s eyes, unable to break away. “Well I feel that I need to give you at least something,” Sam said so quietly she had trouble hearing herself, “I can’t have you working for-”

Before Sam could finish her sentence Taehyun had connected his lips with hers. His kiss was soft and tender, making Sam melt and fall into it further. Feeling his arms wrap around her, Sam suddenly realized what she was doing. Pulling away shocked and pushing Taehyun back at arm’s length, Sam looked down toward the floor then back up to him. “What was that?” “I kissed you,” Taehyun said casually. Completely shocked at his nonchalant response, Sam looked at him even more confused. “Is this why you came over? So you could take advantage of a single mom?” “No, that’s not it.” Taehyun tried to speak between Sam’s rambling. “Yeah, sure I think you are attractive. And the way you treat my children is phenomenal, but that doesn’t mean you can come in here and just... just... kiss me like that. You’re still a student and I’m a single mom and-” Taehyun covered Sam’s mouth with his hand. “Would you stop talking for a second and let me explain?” Sam looked at him questioningly. “I’m in love with you Sam.” Sam could see the pink spread across his face as he spoke, feeling her own face grow pink. “I fell in love with you instantly. I’ve been trying to talk to you for weeks yet you kept avoiding me and refusing to look at me. Do you realize how much that hurts?” Taehyun slowly removed his hand from Sam’s mouth and placed it on her cheek. Sam stared into his eyes as he spoke. “This was the first chance I’ve had to actually see you. I was beyond excited. When you opened that door in your dress it took everything in me to not take you in that moment.” Sam’s face grew a bright shade of red and her eyes widened. “Even now...” Taehyun paused and looked away from Sam. “Even now what,” Sam asked. Taehyun pulled Sam close to his body and connected their lips in a passionate kiss. Sam could feel herself melting in his arms as he kissed her. Never disconnecting their lips, Taehyun moved Sam against the island and leaned into her further. She could feel herself leaning back to where she was almost laying on the island counter. Feeling the warmth of Taehyun’s tongue against her’s sent a new sensation through her body, making her crave even more of him. She pulled onto his shirt making him stumble slightly until he gained his balance again as he straddled one of her legs. Taehyun placed one of his hands on the small of her back and the other cupped her cheek. Sam broke the kiss only a moment to try and catch her breath. In that moment she caught a glimpse of Taehyun’s eyes. They were dark and eager and sent a shiver up Sam’s spine. Taehyun connected their lips again with precision, knowing exactly what he was doing and Sam enjoyed every second of it. “Mr. Nam, what are you doing to mommy,” Min sleepily asked. In a panic Taehyun pulled away from Sam and Sam sat up wiping her lips. Her back was to her daughter, which Sam was grateful for. Sam looked up at Taehyun whose chest was moving heavily and quickly, his face a bright red and a nervous smile spread across his cheeks. “Min! You’re awake. You’re mom and I were just talking,” Taehyun said as he started to walk over to Min. Sam turned and watched as he easily scooped her up and played with her nose laughing with Min. “Taehyun,” Sam called. He turned back to her holding Min in his arms. The sight of them was enough to make Sam swoon. “Would you like to stay for dinner?” Taehyun’s face lit up in a way Sam had never seen before making her heart race faster than it already was. “I would love to.”


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