LMH SNS Update 08302013

Our prince updated his SNS accounts a while ago! First, he changed his Facebook cover photo with a group photo of everyone behind his My Everything Global Tour 2013. The photo was taken in Beijing and everyone raised their thumbs up. Well, it really has been a job well done. Minoz must thank all of them for making the concerts possible. Second, he uploaded a photo of him together with Monsterz, his guest performers during the entire tour. The caption was: 지난 'My Everything'의 모든 투어를 함께해준 Monsterz 가 '댄싱 9' 생방송에 진출했습니다. 음문석, 서영모 화이팅! Monsterz Bounce! Monsterz who were part of our team during all of 'My Everything tour' has moved onto go on live broadcast on 'Dancing 9' show. Best of luck to 'Mun Suk Eum' and 'Young Mo Seo'!!! Monterz Bounce! Airing this Saturday at 11pm!" Such a thoughtful man, isn't he? :)

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