Netizens Discover tags in BTS' 'Blood, Sweat, and Tears'MV that Help get Views

Ok I dont wanna point fingers but really BigHit? Are you fu.. Are you kidding me OMG Im just saying im an Army... anyway lets get right to this sh**

Ordinarily, tags that were added by the uploader of the MV can't be seen, unless someone uses a Google Chrome extension. Under BTS's MV uploaded on Big Hit Entertainment's official Youtube channel, two Big Bang tags (Big Bang in both English and Korean) accompanied tags such as BTS, Bangtan, bighit, and more. Some netizens began arguing that the tags had been used by Big Hit Entertainment to help raise BTS's MV views. However, ARMY retaliated by arguing that these tags aren't used in the same manner as Youtube hashtags, which help users find specific videos. k some Armys just dont wanna admit that BTS had some kind of rigging of views by tagging other hot artists... Im disappointed and I kind of knew it was to good to be true. Bighit has officially deleted the two Bigbang Tags as the issue blew up.

《Before I continue and like to say tags do matter. It took me a while ti understand and I had to go through many youtube videos and posts by people. Tags are used to tag people, places, things and so on. People highly suggest to add random tags to your posts so you will gain followers. This is so when people look up a tag your post, video etc will show up and people will click it b/c there concerned of hoe it goes with the tag or just b/c they like it and boom likes and views. 》 Another opinion within the online community claims that these tags exist for the purpose of being utilized in related searches. Similar tags were discovered in G-Friend and SISTAR's MVs. Under G-Friend's "NAVILLERA" MV, the label used TWICE, Red Velvet, and April tags. SISTAR's "Shake It" MV contained tags like Noel, AOA, and 'Unpretty Rapstar'. The debate continues on the exact purpose of these tags, and how they affect or benefit artists if used under MVs. What are you thoughts on the issue?

well I hope you guys enjoy this and Ill be back soon with more. go check out a few other of my cards that talk about EXOs first subunit and there 13th member who is now debuting and a few other cards thanks for reading^^ source: Alkpop and Koreaboo

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