ALL ABOUT DOYOUNG!!! {Doyoung Wednesday}


So I've already introduced Doyoung Wednsday to you guys, so for today I will be dropping some knowledge on Doyoung!!!

Basic Facts:

Full Name- Kim Doyoung

Birthdate- Feb. 1st, 2016

Position- Main Vocalist(currently part of NCT U)

Below are some random facts--->

His older brother is Gong Myung(Kim Dong Hyun) from the boy group 5uprise!


His dream is to become a singer that people will want to listen to(which is already happening)


He really admires EXO's D.O. He admires his singing and acting skills, also the way he speaks.


When first arriving to SM Entertainment, EXO's Kai was the first person he got to know

And thus ends this little introduction on Doyoung!! I hope you guys enjoyed learning a few things about him!! Happy Doyoung Day!!



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