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Who: Reader X Kim Junmyeon What: One-shot/ mature contentlittle bit of smut, whole lot of fluff and a tinsy bit of angst not very much though.I'm doing this one based off of Junmyeon's Contract story so for anyone who hasn't read it this will kind of spoil some stuff, for those of you that have read it, this is just a one shot it's not a second part.


So I haven't done a oneshot in a while because of the two stories I have going on an I'm mainly dropping this because I probably won't be able to update Rappers identity soon. Junmyeon had pink hair for a little bit and he's dyed it back to black now but I've been having strong feels for him lately (don't let Yixing know). He actually has one for the P.H.A.T collection I just need to upload it. When I'm done with my official Hiatus (maybe even while I'm on it) I plan on dropping one shots for stories that I've finished but I wasn't satisfied with the ending like Mr.Sandman. P.S I did like the ending of Contract but I've been wanting to do a extra lil something for it for a while. I have baby fever so I don't know I just had to write with the kids being in the story a little more.Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed! ~Babydollbre

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