Danger part 24

chapter 21 ?

so to refresh your brains (and mine) I listed the grouping for bowling teams. Teams as follows Belle and Jin Tae and kooki and Jimin Namjoon and Suga J hope and Eliza. "Bowling!" Jimin grinned. "Wait wait before we start aren't we supposed to turn the lights off?" Eliza questioned "Turning the lights off?" Jin questioned "Eliza are you trying to make this  more difficult or wanting something to happen in the dark" he questioned.  "I want to see pretty lights" Eliza answered a little to innocently. "The bottles will illuminate the room and we can just dim the room lights " Namjoon said making Eliza turn to him. "So we can?" She asked even as he was messing with the lights. It was dim in the room now and they started the game. Belle rolled her ball aiming to hit the first water bottle but all of a sudden the ball took a turn for some reason and went and hit someone's foot.  "What just happened? Why did it turn?" Belle was confused. "Belle I am not a pin, you can't knock me over" Jimin said. "But you glow like a pin" Belle giggled. "I do don't I? " he said flattered and owning up to it. "Okay my turn" Jin said as he took the ball from Jimin and went to bowl. Just like Belle's turn the ball took a turn and ran into Tae who looked shocked it came at him. Kooki was smiling finding this amusing, "Why does it keep changing directions!?" Belle questioned.  She walked down the path and felt something on the floor with her foot.  "What are my tiger ears doing on the floor?" She asked picking it up. "Oh how did those get there " Tae laughed. "Oh you boys purposefully made us miss, I call foul" Belle exclaimed "Nope nope its my birthday and I say nope" Jimin said. Belle pouted. "Its my turn " Jimin said. Jimin rolled the ball and hit the first 4 bottles and then tae went after hitting 3 of them and kooki rounded there team off and knocked them all down. He saw and started dancing around in circles.  "Good job!" Eliza said to them. It was Suga and Namjoon turn next. "I'll go first " Suga said and rolled, he hit all the pins and then cheered and danced around just like kooki did. When namjoon went to go roll, he broke the ball. On the ground it spilled it's contents on the floor. They all stared at the glow sticks that came out. "You broke the ball " Belle giggled. "I didn't break it. . . Okay...sorry" his reactions of denial and acceptance was so fast that it was funny. "Awe Joonie it's okay the clasp just undid. We can put it back together" Eliza told him. He rolled and hit 1 bottle down. Next was J Hope's turn and he took out 6 bottles. Last was Eliza. Taking the ball she looked around and then grinned. Instead of rolling the ball Eliza just threw the ball at the bottles,  she laughed when she actually knocked over 5 of them. "Nice technique" J hope commented "I wanted to try it, actually I just really want to throw it and see if it would hit anything" "Well you did get 5 out of 10 that's not so bad" J hope nodded. "Can we do another round?  Oh three in total?" Belle asked picking up the ball "Okay!" Jimin, Tae,  and kooki agreed at the same time. Bye the end of the game there was a clear winner and  clear looser. With the guys still messing with Belle and Jins game they barely got 6 pins down between them. Suga and Namjoon did a little better then that but Namjoon kept breaking the ball. J hope and Eliza got in second place and Tae, Kooki and Jimin got first. "So does this mean all of us have to kiss those three?"Namjoon questioned making people laugh. "Loosing team, which is Belle and Jin!" Eliza exclaimed "hehe Belle you get to go for it!" She added "Im okay with this! " Belle said.  "Wait Jin if you didn't let that be the result when we were drinking why are you letting them now? " Eliza questioned her partner. "We aren't drunk " Jin shrugged. "Plus I have to do it too" his eyes sparkled with amusement.  "Oh you want entertainment now don't you" Eliza chuckled.  Belle went to Jimin first, intenting to kiss his cheek but at the last moment he moved and therir lips connected. Right as this happened Eliza had been pulling out her phone and started playing a song. Body by MINO came on and everyone in the room exclaimed as they watched Belle kiss Jimin. "Eliza" Belle called out right after. Eliza didn't say anything.  "Turn it off" she said.  "Nope you got two more to go and Jin has his turn!" Eliza chuckled. "Turn it off. This song-" "Is totally appropriate!" Jimin laughed as he wrapped his arms around her waist and started to sing along to the chorus. Belle was flustered all of a sudden. "I missed your body" he whispered into her ear. "when did you have my body?" she questioned. "earlier tonight, your hands touching me" he grinned at her. "Get a room!" "They already had a room" "So did Eliza and him" "Oh sexy sexy" "Don't do it in front of us" "he did it on purpose!" At the remarks the guys were making both girls ended up blushing. "My turn! " kooki was raising his hand. "Someone else want to go in my place?" Belle looked around. Her  eyes landed on Eliza silently saying do it. "Nope" Eliza shook her head "do it " she told her.  None of the guys would do it either. So she turned back to kooki putting her hands on either side of his face so he wouldn't move. He got a look in his eyes and she smiled but unlike Jimin she wasn't going anywhere near his mouth, she pressed a kiss just under his eye. He chuckled at that as she let go of him. "Me next!" Tae raised his hand. Belle chuckled and repeated the same to him,  but with his hands free he wrapped them around her waist to pull her close to him.  "They are really taking advantage of this situation " Jin was shaking his head but he had an amused smile on his face. "Now I get to do it " Jin exclaimed. He had no shame in going up to Jimin grabbed his face and pressed his lips to his neck, he went to kooki next and it looked like he was biting kooki's nose instead of kissing it and last for Tae he kissed him full on the lips. The exclamations the guys made were halarious and you knew they were all having fun. "Hey catch!" Belle called out as she threw the plastic ball to someone.  Several guys made a reach for it and Yoongi was the one to catch it. "I wonder if we can play dodge ball with this! " Yoongi got an evil look on his face. "Omo no that will hurt!" "Its a plastic ball" "Yoongi no!" the girls hid behind Jimin and Jin as the others grabbed ahold of the water bottles.

Body by Mino music video (um warning! sexy?!? lol)

hahaha oh I was listening to that song Body when writing the kissing part I just couldn't help myself. Okay so onto@SugaKookiV to do the next part. let's find out what they could possibly do with those water bottles!!!

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On a side note. bts was on v live this morning and omo Massage chair!!!! lol Oh Eliza was close giving him a massage instead lol. but they were so fun to watch. just now have to wait for sub's to come out.

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